Mom-Friday's Raisin Bread French Toast Breakfast for 1

As the saying goes, 'Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a pauper'.  I've mentioned this in my nutrition series some weeks back and I think I need to follow my own advice.  I am not a big breakfast eater and I usually find myself rushing through the morning with all sorts of mom-duties that I miss enjoying a good, hearty breakfast.  Well, I only have myself to blame since it's a challenge for me to wake up earlier than 8, hehehe!

French Toast is one of my favorite food for breakfast, and it's also a wonderful afternoon snack. Growing up, my mom often serves this simple pudding-like treat of stale bread soaked in a mixture of milk and egg, sugar optional, and fried in butter for breakfast.  I savored it each and every time. I've been making french toast in many different ways ever since I can cook them -- with sliced bread or pandesal halves, drizzled with maple syrup or sprinkled with white sugar, and sometimes with sliced bananas and a tad more butter! Yum!

But it's been quite a while since the last time I had some, and several mornings ago, there was a light-bulb moment when I glanced upon an opened pack of whole wheat raisin bread.  Within minutes, I found myself enjoying this energy-packed, nutritious and delicious breakfast for one. What a great way to start my day.

Mom-Friday's Whole Wheat Raisin Bread French Toast

2 slices, whole wheat raisin bread (a few days old)
1 egg, beaten
3 oz. filled milk (approximate), or use any milk you prefer
2 Tbs. butter
Cinnamon powder (optional)

In a shallow bowl, beat egg and milk together. Option to add sugar in the mix.  Heat butter in a non-stick pan.  Soak the bread slices in the milk and egg mixture.  Then fry bread on both sides until golden brown. Serve with a drizzle of honey and a dash of powdered cinnamon. Good for 1.

This is a healthy, and yummy, combination of carbohydrates, protein and fiber from the whole wheat bread, raisins, egg, milk, butter and honey.  You can't go wrong with this.  So I promised myself to make some for the whole family next time, and for sure, the kids will enjoy this as much as they enjoyed their pancakes the other day.

I have always used maple syrup or sugar since I don't buy honey before.  And a sprinkle of cinnamon always give it that extra kick of flavor.  Topping this with fruits like bananas will make this even more filling and nutritious.  Maybe next time, I'll try Rachel Ray's version with peanut butter and jelly! Mmm, I can almost taste it ...

What's your power breakfast made of?

Here's my version of Rachel Ray's PB&J french toast:
Peanut Butter-Banana French Toast


  1. oooh nice! thanks for sharing kaso nagutom tuloy ako haha

  2. French toast is always a favorite. Yours look great. My power breakfast is a smoothie with other ingredients. I think you already know them.

  3. my fave breakfast-- whole wheat bread toasted with crunchy peanut butter... paired with a cup of coffee. PERFECT! :)

    we love making french toasts too esp. during weekends coz we have time to cook. we usually make it with either ham & cheese or peanut butter & jam!

  4. thanks for your feedback ladies!

    Divina, yes, love your post on the smoothies! hopefully i can whip something similar very soon..

    Pinkcookies, we also love toast but with sweet and creamy style peanut butter :)


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