'Ironman' and 'Tinkerbell' Missed The Treats

Who were you wearing for Holloween?

We missed sending the kids to 'Trick or Treat' yesterday. Sad, yes. We did had a plan for the day. But it was not meant to be. And with the early morning howler winds banging on our roof, gate and windows, electricity was cut off across the region with the expected typhoon over the weekend. And it was just too bad for us having those automatic, electronic roll-up gates, and therefore, we can't get the car out so we're on house arrest for the day. Although we can crank it up manually in cases of emergencies, we just opted to stay put and have some family bonding time.

By noon yesterday, the boy and girl were cajoled by dad to change into their costumes just to keep their spirits up. We knew they were really counting the days, 10 months to be exact, 'til Holloween just to be able to wear their costumes ever since they received them as gifts in December of 2008. Thanks to my dear cousin Avie, they became their fantasy characters for a day.  Let the pictures do the talking.

Hmm...notice anything odd?  Who's waving some magic here?!?!

It seems Tinkerbell thew a fit and does not want to share the spotlight with Ironman...watch out Ironman, she may zap you to pieces with that mighty toothbrush!

This was actually the second time my boy wore his Ironman costume. The first time was on a sunny Sunday in September at my mom's place, it was just for kicks. He can't stop posing in it!  Excuse the Crocs sandals here...shiny red boots would have been more fierce.

Having a monologue while still holding on to the new pink toothbrush we just bought a day earlier.

I just love the effect of the tulle-layered skirt and the detachable fancy wings of this frothy number by Disney.

My little fairy being playful with our poodle Sushi...actually, she was shooing the dog away as it got fixated with the tulle on her skirt and want to have a bite of it! Hehehe...

After the run-around, Sushi can still pose for the camera!

Our stay-at-home Holloween turned out pretty nice after all despite missing out on the glitz and treats, and spending the day sans power. We did manage to give the kids some good old-fashioned fun -- teasing and running with the dog, giving horsey rides, rough-housing in bed, playing video games, settling down with a few good books while munching on cheesy tortilla chips, and finally, dinner with a bucket of savory, finger-lickin' good KFC with mashed potatoes on the side! Pure, simple joys.

Thankfully, the typhoon waned and we did have a happy holloween after all, and all is well at the homefront.

We were wondering why Tinkerbell's wings were not flapping...it was worn upside down! And we just realized it when she requested to wear it again today, Nov. 2. 
Now it's flapping as she prances around. See and compare from the shots above ;)


  1. I love Mika's costume. G dressed as a fairy also...but not as pretty as M! Love that green dress with matching wings! Hey, I'm doing a post inspired by T from Our Phenomenal Life about books. Want to join in? :) She already did her post, and I'll be doing mine soon - about our favourite books on the shelf :)

  2. What a lovely, lovely, lovely little girl! That Tinkerbell costume is absolutely gorgeous, I must find one for my daughter! You three look fantastic xxx

  3. jen-i guess it's typical for girls to wear fairy costumes, no? :) don't think i can keep up with your 'book club' since i don't read books, haha...except when i have to, i'll try...
    valeria-thank you for dropping by. We loved it the moment we got it as a gift. hope your girl gets to wear one soon :)

  4. Hahaha...okay, maybe we'll do something else. Think of something the 3 of us moms can do! :)

  5. Jen, I was thinking of promoting Mom-Finds, 1x or 2x a month, pay-day weekends like what I'm doing, but expand to other items. Let's explore - email me ;)


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