It's Raining and We're Feeling Japanese (again)

No signage by the main street, and no directionals pointing to the right way. We just followed the light through the plaza. There was a downpour and it was very dark. That's something different for the kids as we rarely take them out at night, more so on a rainy night! So they were excited and giddy during the ride up until the time they got out and tip-toed around the puddle and wet pavement.

Despite heavy rains and a series of semi-unfortunate events, the family decided to dine out on this rainy Saturday evening, to the delight of our boy and girl. We just cruised around the neighborhood and finally decided to check out this hidden, unexpected pocket of restaurants in a nearby supermarket.

Italian, Japanese, Filipino...there was only one clear choice.

Kyoto Jack. A fairly new ( our server said they are two years in operation) Japanese resto in Liberty Plaza, along Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong, their inviting red couches by the patio, red walls, and black and red chairs are understated and chic. It has a comfy and casual feel. There was only one other group dining there when we came in.

Everybody was ready for a sumptuous dinner. A quick browse over the menu and my hubby ordered the regulars. It only took a short while before the dishes came out and we savored them all.

Waiting patiently in her high chair. A nice bar is seen behind her.

The ever-present Miso soup, with the tofu and seaweed being fished out for our boy to enjoy his broth, bits-free

I especially enjoyed their Crazy Maki -- California style with crunchy tempura-like batter on the outside, and topped with shredded kani. A good starter, I ate too much and got full too early!

Ebi Gyoza is a nice twist to the classic meat or veggie, with whole baby shrimp stuffed in the middle -- the kids ate this with rice, sans the tangy dipping sauce

Fresh Tuna Sashimi, I almost missed my share :)

Refreshingly sweet, ripe mango shake -- bottoms up for my boy!

Tori Teppanyaki, not too crazy about this...fairly ordinary, I think it lacks the smokey flavor.

What's left of the Yakisoba, well, all the meat and veggies were left -- the noodles got slurpped up fast by the kids and grannies. This was on the sweet side and we want more noodles and less of the toppings.

Good Ebi Tiger Prawn Tempura, though the batter is not as crisp and fine to the bite. And I think they were not tiger size.
Hubby's other fave, Sukiyaki, aside from his standard Katsudon, which has no photo. Also missing here are the two donburi (rice toppings) my in-laws ordered for themselves.
He said this katsudon and beef-noodle soup were good with a balanced sweet-salty flavor, and I take his word for it.
My Japanese Fried Rice and Red Iced Tea.
The rice was savory and filling, but quite grainy -- I expected it a little sticky since it's Japanese rice.
Our server suggested the tea so I can compare with others, and he was right, theirs is really good with a mild and sweet berry-tea flavor. No powdery after-taste like some. Seconds please!

"Mommy, look...it's crawling!"
(Ant-sized bug crawling on the placemat under my boy's plate)


"Mommy, what did you do to my friend!?!?"
(Oops!!! Sorry...say goodbye to tiny green bug friend)

Our bill totaled P2,555.00 for 5 adults and 2 kids, a reasonable amount for a Japanese restaurant, and with all our orders. We enjoyed our simple night out with a hearty and satisfying meal on this drizzling evening, and this place is worth a second (or more) visit.

You can dine al fresco in these big red couches amidst a zen hardscape design.

By the way, don't be fooled by the category of this entry. This is not, in any way, a restaurant review as I am not a critic or professional, and don't intend to.
I don't have enough flowery words to describe each dish to tickle your taste buds. I am not featuring this dining place to evaluate their food and judge the establishment. There are plenty reviews out there already :)

Thanks so much for reading and for leaving any feedback. Please visit again!


  1. What are you talking about? This is a good review! Thanks for sharing your lovely dining experience! Great pics also! It made me hungry!

  2. You are my #1 fan! Mwah! and we have now decided to get a Rebel xsi hopefully before Christmas, so i can produce better pics ;)

  3. hahaha tuwang tuwa ako sa writing style mo michelle !!! ingat lang sa mga "friends" ni JT in the future!!!! hahahaa :))

  4. Marilyn, I acted on impulse kaya sorry na lang si 'friend', hahaha...si Mika naman langaw at langgam ang mga 'friends' niya!


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