Mom-Finds For 500 or Less

It's the 30th of the month. Pay day. A day that every regular working body looks forward to. For some, it's 15-30 (half-month pay every 15th and 30th of the month), including me, when I was still single, working with a full time job at an advertising and PR firm. Those were the days when I would reward myself with at least one (as in 1 piece, singular) item as a treat that's well-earned.

What will it be? The latest shade of MAC lipstick...crystal drop earrings...a red patent leather pouchette...the black kitten-heeled sling-backs (let me remind you those were the 90's) ...aah...the anticipation, I just can't wait. But I was working on a very modest budget and something extravagant will have to wait several months to a year for me to acquire. What makes my end-of-the-month purchase more rewarding is when I get them at a steal -- on sale or not. There was just a deeper accomplishment when you get something great, for less. And all shoppaholics can attest to that!

I am not particular about brands as I am quite pragmatic when it comes to non-essentials. If it helps me achieve the look I'm aiming for, and the quality and features suit my needs, and of course I can afford them, then I'm sold.

So, every last Friday of the month (or 15-30 if I can swing it) I will try to share some of my purchases and discoveries and hope that you too can also find that special something that will give you the same thrill and excitement that I get with such fab finds for 500 Pesos or less (approx. US$10). This is my new challenge. Share your finds here too!

Assorted bracelets

I will try not to feature items bought at the popular 168 Mall, Divisoria, Tutuban and Quiapo stores because most of their merchandise are already expected to cost less than P500 (unless I find them really exceptional), so you might as well just go there and hunt for your own bargains :)

P350 : 'Tiffany'-inspired chunky charm bracelet
Gold-plated chain with two-toned metal charms of keys, hearts, locks and fresh water pearls
I bought this from one of the hundreds of pearl stalls in Greenhills shopping center. Originally at P600, after haggling, my friend and I each bought one at almost half the price!

P40@ x 3 = P120 : Jade-like bead bracelets
Jade is a 'lucky gem' for this year, and I don't plan on buying the real thing, so as we passed by this tiny shop in Virra Mall, Greenhills -- Glitzy Fashion House, my girl, the nanny and I had fun trying and piling on these colorful elastic bead bracelets, and got myself 3 of these as a cuff

P395 : Beaded Cuff Bracelet
( +/- a few centavos, can't recall exact price)
At my favorite local department store SM (ShoeMart) Megamall, this was on the display rack and I got instantly attracted to it (together with a belt - for the succeeding post), with beads in varying shades of brown, amber and gold. They also have a version in shades of black.

I know it's Thursday but I need to tie this to the '30th' part of my post...and I finished this in time for Friday, now it's 12:26 AM!


  1. I love the jade like bracelet. I always wanted to buy some in China but I honestly do not know how to tell the real ones from the fake ones. I am going back next year and I want to buy one for my little Pisces, so I need to get acquainted. For me the fake ones are fine. Those are lovely, great find. I discovered your blog via Maia's.

  2. Yes, share your finds!!!! It has inspired me to go bargain-hunting for cool stuff here in Toronto. Where is 168 Mall, by the way?

  3. hi Yoli, it's really tricky to know which is which, and especially in China, we encountered a lot of unscrupulous vendors who overcharge for a small piece of the stone...but the beads here really look and feel like the real deal :) and these will surely be nice on the little ones. Good luck with your future purchase! Thanks and do visit again :)

  4. Fong, 168 has most items coming from China, so rock-bottom prices! been there once only and the crowd is overwhelming...it's in the area of Soler and Reina Regente in downtown Manila, if you still remember :) Next time you visit, this should be part of your itinerary.

  5. wow... dami po talaga jan sa 168.. magaganda pa.. ang galing mo po pumili..

  6. salamat Pinoy, marami talagang maganda sa 168 pero itong mga bracelets dito binili ko sa SM and Greenhills :)

  7. marami mapagpipilian jan.. kailangan talaga mabusisi... wala naman masabi talaga sa presyo jan.. ang gaganda po ng bracelets mo... san po yan sa sm.

  8. Great Finds!. Anyway, Please check out this video on Filipino kids' independence. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYUHkidQpW0


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