Mama's Bar Cookies

I was in 'sick bay' last week with the common flu. So I quarantined myself and just spent the weekend at home. And I apologize for not posting on my official blog day last Friday since I am still nursing a terrible drum-sounding cough. Though Friday was not totally uneventful, I was completely uninspired to write. As the doc puts it, it's flu season and anybody can be hit with it. So load up on the vitamins and take lots of rest and fluids. And rest I did. Thankfully, I am better now.

Now on to sweeter things.

Early this week, my mom baked a sampling of her bar cookies for a friend of mine who opened a coffee shop, and she also prepared a box for me to take home to the kids. She still makes batches of these home-baked treats by order.

To be honest, I had too much of these sugary delights in the past and I have grown tired of them already. Although it has been a while since I had some, I still did not feel like taking a bite into those sinful little squares. But for some reason, as my little girl literally dipped and poked her fingers in the chocolate and meringue frosting, I was tempted to pop one bar in my mouth in that instant. And now it's going, going, gone...

It took several bars to disappear before I remembered to whip out my camera and take a few shots before I have nothing left to share with you, even just a glimpse of my mom's delectable baked goodies at the very least.

Moist and chocolate-y Almond Brownies, Kahlua-laced Cappuccino Bars, chewy Choco-meringue, Carrot Bars with choco-chips, and a slice of luscious Chocolate Cake... a sampling of her best-sellers lined the box as we devoured it, one bar at a time.

It's pretty clear which one stood out for my girl, as you can see here (what's left of them), the snowy-white meringue-covered bars became "topless" in seconds! She loved the sweet, flaky top layer. But I think I got the better deal here leaving me with the chewy "naked bottom" part of the bar.

I guess seeing my girl savor every nibble and bite made me enjoy my mama's yummy bars even more. So if you are craving for some soft, sweet, chewy bar cookies, ring her up and order a box or two. These are great as gifts too! You can just leave a message and I'll take your orders ;)

For Orders:
A Taste Of Manna
Tel. 414-4427
New Manila, Quezon City


  1. I left a comment earlier but I think I lost it. Anyway, try #2.

    I wish I lived right by you so I could stop over for a sweet sunday treat! Yumm-o! Go, Tita Maggie!

  2. This is absolutely yum-yum-yum! I wish I lived right by you so I can hop on over for some sweet treats!

  3. I look forward to Christmas every year because Tita Maggie makes sure to give my family a box of her super yummy sweets! :)

  4. thanks, I'll make sure she gets your messages, she will be very, very happy to know this :D


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