In Living Color: Double Take

For a parent like me, and to soon-to-be parents, seeing a picture of your bundle of joy always puts a smile on your face. I value those precious moments that I capture for posterity, as those images will be your keepsake for your children.

I am not adept at the technical aspects of choosing the right digi-cam (or video-cam, or any other gadget for that matter), heck, my hubby J just browsed through product reviews and get the best one. For the tech-savvy, you know what to get. But for most of us, we just choose one that will work best for our needs. Be it a point-and-shoot or SLR, consider it a great investment and trusty partner that will encapsulate those priceless moments in your child's life.

Before my son was born, my hubby bought us a brand new Fuji FinePix 2800Zoom digital camera -- one of the better models at that time with very good picture quality.

I really loved this cam and we still kept it a reliable sub unit to our Panasonic Lumix TZ3 which we got two years ago. I also had a short yet sweet partnership with a Sony T3 in between (which I left and lost at a restaurant!). This FinePix cam was my best friend for almost three years -- capturing the birth of my son and all other significant events thereafter, and even the not-so-eventful days in our family life.

I truly treasure those times when I try capturing their many "firsts", every smirk, every toss and turn, smiles and cries of my babies.

It was just recently that I tried to archive and organize those five years worth of pictures (the downside of digital images for me is I feel so overwhelmed with the volume and forget to print). Soon, I discovered that I took several very similar shots of my angels in different stages of their young lives.

I am no pro in taking photos, but I thank God for the digital technology and Photoshop! Photography has never been the same again. Now, I have a better appreciation for photography with our humble Lumix, and maybe soon, I can move on to owning a DSLR and better myself at this craft.

Here's hoping you enjoy these treasured images and inspire you in making your child's milestones truly memorable.

Click away!

Well, that's me in the middle owning my mother's fab sun glasses... like mother, like daughter (and son)

Most of the baby stuff you will see here were all bought for baby #1 (notice the blue colors) and got a second life with baby #2, which made them all worth the money. Surely you will notice similar poses, same clothes, same bouncer, same crib, even the same angles... :)

BOY on the Left, GIRL on the Right

yawwwwn...@ 6 weeks

bath time @ 6 & 9 weeks

first smile @ 2 months
These were both very tricky to catch as I had to hold steady for minutes while fetching a smile from them

first solid meal of rice cereal @ 4 months

holding up their bottles @ 7 months

the fleece-like frogsuit for a chilly or rainy evening

posing to stand in the crib @ 9 & 8 months

in the bigger baby tub with their rubber squeaky toys

look, we're playing house!

with mom

with dad

This post is dedicated to all my expectant friends, new parents, and parents for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time around.

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  1. They are all so cute. I can't believe you took similar photos at each stage of their lives! Cool. Anyway, you'll know when you are ready to upgrade to a starter DSLR :) But really, photography and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No matter what camera, I know you'll rock it!!

  2. wonderful memories caught in cam! they're adorable!
    nice pics, mommy!

    happy MM!

  3. Bonz - I really love the similar shots :) thanks for dropping by!

  4. nice nice nice... love the collection of pictures... treasured memories!

    im glad you joined us this week! :D

    looking forward to your future entries!


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