Mothering a Teen

My Saturday started and ended with this guy. Kahit medyo napagod ako sa biyahe ko going north to south to east then north again, I was so happy kasi he experienced many firsts today.

His school mounts an annual Christmas musical program. This  year, the high school students learned to play different instruments for their rondalla. First time for him to encounter these instruments, and to actually learn how to play!  Ang galing nila! I am thankful for the school and their teachers for exposing the kids to this type of music and patiently teaching them to play these beautiful instruments. He was assigned the banduria. Frustration ko nga as a child is to learn to play an instrument. But happy talaga ako that he had this opportunity.

Here's the more exciting first.
Kung sa kids may mga playdate sila, with this teen, first time ever na may "gaming date" and malling siya with friends! 

Over the past year, we've been encouraging him to invite a few friends over to hang out and play their video games. It's also a chance for to get to know his new friends. But he can't seem to decide, or maybe he was just not ready. We didn't force it. Hindi kasi siya ma-kwento unless I ask or prompt him.

Anyway, I had the whole week (and month) planned out, and today, eto dapat ang itinerary namin:
  Morning appointment with his chiropractor in BGC
  Lunch with my former colleagues in Makati (he needs to tag along)
  Go home to rest - driver do gift deliveries
  Driver brings him to school for Christmas program final rehearsal
  More deliveries
  Family will watch the Christmas program in his school
  Late Dinner
(Daddy and girl gets to stay home all day and just chill until it's time to leave for the program -- ahhhh... kung pwede lang mag chill lang din ako.)
On this 15th birthday

Plans changed after I fetched him from school last Thursday. 
On our way to his PT, he told me that his classmate invited him to go to the mall with a group before their (Saturday) afternoon call time in school. Malapit lang kasi yung mall sa school. I didn't allow him at first kasi nga we are fully booked for the day. Ayos na kasi lahat. On our way home, we talked about it again and he said really wanted to join his friends kasi may gaming daw. Hindi pa nga niya alam sino-sino ang mga kasama nila except for two the girls from class.

I realized this is gonna be his first time to be out with friends, on their own, and just have fun. So, I tried to move our schedule around. Basta I told him, as long as he gets a ride going to their school, then he can go. When we got home, I told J about it and he said papuntahin ko na. I actually want him to go too para ma-experience na niyaNakumatututo nang gumimik ito! Waaa....

Our usual wefie before going up to the PT center

You see, growing up, he was always this socially awkward boy. He never got to build real friendships with any of his former classmates. It was also a big adjustment for him from being homeschooled for 3 years and going back to a school setting. But the move has been good for him. We are pleased with his overall progress, especially on the socio-emotional aspect at this stage. He's 15. He now has a small circle of friends. We are all happy for him, even his teachers!

This morning, I dropped him off at the mall before I headed to my lunch appointment. I was the one excited and anxious at the same time! Ang dami kong reminders since yesterday, hehehe! Siyempre I want him to be in his best behavior, to show good manners, be attentive and alert, and be mindful. When I brought him to the meeting place, lahat pala girls ang mga kasama niya! He is a nice boy and they find him funny. These are all good kids and I'm so thankful he is in their company. 

You can't imagine how tempted I was to whip out my phone and take a group picture as a souvenir of his first ever "gimmik", hahahah... nag-pigil talaga ako! But I calmly said good bye and left them without looking back.

After the program, he told us they are planning another meet-up next Saturday!
Aba, nawili na! The teen is finally starting to act like one. I am not sure if I am ready.... 

P.S. I stand corrected -- there was another boy daw that went with them at the mall, late lang dumating. :)

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