Hydrate Inside and Out for Healthy Skin

Over the past couple of years, I've added a few steps to my very basic skin care regimen, kasi tumatanda nako, hehe. Seriously, after I hit the 40 mark, my skin drastically became drier and more prone to irritation, and worse, occasional eczema flare-ups which I never experienced in my youth. Top priority is really to keep my skin hydrated everyday. Aside from drinking more water than I'm used to, I also go with my trusted skin care brands na hiyang talaga ako. So, let me share what these #WaterfulSkincare and #PurifiedByNature brands are, plus some practical tips that can help us achieve healthy beautiful skin.

I've recently attended an intimate skin care event, hosted by my friends from Beautybox Corp. and SIP Purified Water, where they have stressed the importance of being hydrated inside and out.

Here are some basic skin care steps I try to diligently follow:

  • The most basic of all is to drink the right amount of water for optimal health and hydration
    • Ideally 8 glasses = 2 liters a day
  • Aids in digestion and improves metabolism
  • Flushes out toxins which helps keep skin clear and plumps it up to reduce fine lines
I learned that SIP Purified Water is the first volcanic purified water in the Philippines, sustainably sourced from the precipitation in Mount Makiling. Their rigorous 6-step purification process includes reverse osmosis (eliminates dirt and bacteria), UV treatment (kills germs and microbes), and ozonation (FDA-approved process that blasts away other toxins), leaving a clean and crisp-tasting water #purifiedbynature. It does "taste" better than other drinking water I've tried! I hope they can consider bottling in bigger gallon containers for home use to lessen plastic waste.


Aside from regular cleansing, it's a no-no to sleep with make-up on. Not only is it unhygienic, but it can also clog your pores and cause breakouts. 

I have a confession: Before, I just use light baby oil to remove makeup, or sometimes, I wash it away with whatever facial cleanser I have on hand, kasi I don't use much makeup to begin with. But kulang talaga yun. Now, there are more products to remove makeup effectively that is non-greasy. One product is CREER Cleansing Water. This is the first time I've tried CREER and I can safely say that it really worked in removing stubborn dirt and make-up easily.

What I like about CREER Cleansing Water:
  • Formulated with spa water from the Shimane Prefecture in Japan
    • A place known to be home of Japanese women with the most beautiful skin, according to a survey conducted in Japan
  • It is a 4-in-1 product
    • Cleanse, removes makeup, tone, mildy exfoliate, and moisturize the skin
    • No need to use a facial wash before or after using CREER
    • No-rinse, non-greasy, non-drying formula
  • Cleansing Water blue variant is ideal for removing light makeup; Cleansing Water Oil In orange variant is good for removing heavy or waterproof makeup
SRP: Php545.00 / 330ml bottle


Cleanse and moisturize. This may shock some skin care addicts out there, but yan lang talaga ang ginagawa ko for the longest time, except during my acne stage. Tamad din kasi ako. The closest to exfoliation I did in the past are with facial scrubs.

It's definitely not enough to simply clean our face. The upper layer of our skin is made up of dead skin cells that are naturally replaced every 2 weeks. However, as we age, this process slows down and we need to help our skin exfoliate gently. One product I love and highly recommend is Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

SRP: Php1,500 / 250g bottle

I'm a long-time user of many brands under Beautybox Corp., like K-palette, Cure, Himawari, among others. I've been happily using Cure Natural Aqua Gel for five years now and it's become my weekly ritual. You can read about my experience and comprehensive review of Cure here.

Recommended use is twice a week though, eh tamad nga ako kaya once a week lang. It's really up to you. By exfoliating, we reveal a new layer of skin. I guarantee, after you exfoliate with Cure, your skin will feel super duper fresh and squeaky clean! Just rub and rinse. Sarap ng feeling. After this step, our skin can now fully absorb whatever skin care products we will apply next.

Watch how to use Cure exfoliant

Pump, rub, and rinse.                                         Clean, well-scrubbed face.


After proper cleansing (and toning), I'm now ready to feed my skin with serum and moisturizer.

My favorite day cream of all time is Cure Water Treatment Gel. The lightest and most refreshing moisturizing cream I've ever used, leaving skin dewy and supple. I have dry skin so I never fail to apply this water-based skin cream every morning, and every time after I wash my face during day. Even my kids like to use this during the cooler months when they feel dryness on their face. Tween and teen na kasi sila.

SRP: Php1,500 / 100g tube

What's amazing about it? Watch this clip.

When you apply and spread it on your skin, observe if water droplets appear.
If your skin is moisturized, you would see tiny droplets form, meaning your skin doesn't need any more moisturizing. But if your skin is dry, you'll see very little or no droplets at all since your skin needs moisture and the cream got easily and fully absorb. You can also feel a thin film forming on top of your skin as it locks in the moisture.


3-Step Skin Care essentials with Creer and Cure

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and stay hydrated by drinking enough water -- the foundation to having healthier, beautiful skin. Thank you, SIP, Creer and Cure for reminding me to be more attentive to my skin needs and supplementing my skin care regimen with these awesome products.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel , Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream and Creer Cleansing Water are available in Beauty Bar stores and selected SM Department Stores, Watson’s and Rustan’s Department Stores.
Cure and Creer are imported and distributed by Beautybox Corp., the same company that brought us  the famous Japanese brands such as K-Palette, Kracie, Baby Foot and Himecoto.

SIP Purified Water is available at:
SM Hypermart, 7-11, Vikings, Four Seasons, NIU, Fishermall, Hi-Top, Landmark, Family Mart,  Nord's Breadhub, Super 8, Unitop, Waltermart, Lawson's, Circle K, Alfamart, Addy's Market,  Budget Mart, Southstar drug. 
SRP:  P9 / 350ml, P11 / 500ml, and P20 / 1L
Synergy Pacific is the manufacturer of SIP purified water, a sister company of Vikings group.

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