Off-Road Birthday Adventure in Jungle Base, Tanay

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A day spent outdoors, in the mountains of Sierra Madre, communing with nature and merry-making with friends, unplugged...welcome break from the usual weekends in the city. This was one memorable birthday celebration for M's classmates two weeks ago and we're thankful that we got to tag along on this awesome adventure.

Our excursion last February 4 was at Jungle Base in Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal. We were among M's classmates and their families who joined this outdoor birthday celebration for their twin friends. Ang saya, especially seeing the kids playing by the river and leaving all their gadgets at home!

JUNGLE BASE Firing Range & 4x4 Center is hidden in a tranquil property in the Sierra Madre mountains. The base is approx. 60 km from Ortigas Center in Pasig City. 
"Formerly a training ground for the troopers of the 2nd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, the site now offers exciting activities for families and adventure sports for outdoor enthusiasts. Trek hills, discover caves, conquer rivers or camp under moonlit skies, Jungle Base is a place to be."

The LAND ROVER convoy to Jungle Base

One of the highlights of the trip was we got to ride/drive a Land Rover for a day. The 4x4s were provided by the celebrants' family, who happens to be the exclusive distributor of this prestigious vehicle brand in the country. Only 4x4 vehicles can navigate the dirt roads, slopes and inclines leading to and within the Jungle Base.

Travel time was around 2 1/2 hours including stop-overs. We got to Jungle base before 11am and naturally, the kids ran towards the river and started playing and swimming until past noon. Simple joys! It was a beautiful day despite the drizzle. Skies cleared up in the afternoon.

Calming view of the river and mountains at Amado's Campsite, Jungle Base

The cool river was clean and the kids thoroughly enjoyed their time swimming and took turns kayaking. This was their playground for a day... how awesome is that! Others collected sea shells and chased (stressed the hell out of) this tiny frog, a few pretended to be castaways, and some picked up branches, twigs, and leaves to build and their (tiny) farm plot and fence. =)  Some of the parents also took a dip in the cool waters of the river while others just chilled out in the tent.

Everything was prepared and well-organized by our generous hosts -- from the venue set-up, ihaw-ihaw and picnic-style lunch, grilled burgers, hotdogs and s'mores for merienda, camping gear and inflatables, and planning the convoy. 

I regret not taking pictures of the buffet spread! Lots of yummy eats including hot-off-the-grill liempo and chicken BBQ, adobo, chips and dip, chicharon, and cold beer for the big girls and boys. All the families brought an assortment of food and beverages to share. Busog! The celebrants' family dogs got served too! =)  We dined in this huge tent at the campsite.

After lunch, we went by batch for a short ride around the river. Not anyone can drive through a rocky river and muddy slopes. It will take some mean driving skills to successfully navigate the trail. These tough 4x4s were really built for this terrain and suffice to say, we were all impressed by the durability and power of the Land Rover vehicles we got to ride in.

Watch our crazy ride crossing the river. I was in the red Defender with other moms and kids. Hear our screams, hahaha! Here's where it got really wet and wild... heehee...watch!

I'll speak for everyone when I say we all had a memorable time on this nature trip and off-road adventure, thanks to the Soong family. We all experienced the fun of traveling on the dirt roads and rough trails of Jungle Base, na parang roller coaster, plus the thrill of our wild river-crossing ride in their Land Rover vehicles. Astig talaga! This was a first for my family and I'm so glad we were able to join this unique and amazing outdoor birthday celebration.

JUNGLE BASE Firing Range and 4x4 Center
Mobile:  +63917-6156557

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