A Later Bloomer's Appreciation for Beauty and Wellness

A new year means getting older, and hopefully, wiser and healthier! Age does matter. Priorities change. But the funny thing here is that I've never been more conscious about my looks than when I hit 40. Parang biglang nagpakita yung mga fine lines, white hair, blemishes, and eczema out of nowhere! Weird noLate bloomer kasi ako. =) Siyempre, as I got older, I've learned to embrace my uniqueness (flaws and all), build on my strengths, and seek out products and services that help me look and feel beautiful, inside and out. Food and clothing aside, beauty and personal wellness have been at the bottom of my priorities for the longest time. Well, not anymore.

Now more than ever, I've come to appreciate beauty and wellness products that come my way. I also try to make time for personal grooming and pampering. Pasensya na sa latest selfie ko, hindi talaga ako marunong mag-angle. I took this after I had my haircut the other day - a ritual to welcome the Chinese New Year. Para feeling fresh, hahahaha! 

So, allow me to take this opportunity to thank the following brands for their love and appreciation. Thank you for sending me these awesome products to enjoy for Christmas and New Year!

One of the most recent gifts I've received is this personal care package from DOVE -- a well-loved brand I grew up with and continue to use for myself and for my family. Soap, shampoo, antiperspirant... lahat yan ginagamit talaga namin! And I love the personalized items they included for me. Such a thoughtful gift! Watch my unboxing video here:

DOVE advocates appreciation of real beauty and uniqueness -- to embrace our own kind of beautiful. That's what I am doing now. I used to be very insecure about my flaws. But now that I'm older, hindi nako masyadong conscious. I've learned to love the good and the not-so-good sides to my being. =) Basta healthy, and I feel good inside, that's what matters, right?

K-PALETTE is my go-to brand for eye makeup, specifically their waterproof, Real Lasting eyeliner and eyebrow liner. Dati hindi ako gumagamit ng pang eyes, puro powder and lipstick lang. My friends can attest to that. Since last year, I learned to enhance my chinky eyes and narrow brows with their tried-and-tested products that are all so easy to use. This K-Palette-Disney special edition eyeliner was their gift last Christmas. Can you spot Alice?

NAIL SPA is a new brand of nail care brought in by Brightbrands.PH. I rarely go to salons to have my hair or nails done so this set of "nailcial" (facial for nails, hehehe) came in handy. Just what I needed to treat and pamper my fingernails at home, anytime.

ZENUTRIENTS always churn out innovative, organic wellness products that are so addicting to use. While I have my favorites from their natural line of shampoos, I grew fond of their All-Around Spahhnitizer and Muscle Oil roll-on. They always soothe and calm the senses. Each comes in handy travel sizes too!  

TIGER is one of the most popular brands of lunch kits, jugs and tumblers I grew up using. Baka nag-tataka kayo why it is included in this feature. Eh kasi, this ultra light flip-top stainless bottle promotes wellness for me -- it helps me remember to drink more water everyday. Mahina kasi ako uminom, so I need to take it more fluids during the day to flush out toxins and better digestion. Since this Tiger tumbler is small and super light, I can bring it anywhere I go. And it fits right in my bag! Very convenient and eco-friendly. (This gift was sequestered by M, so I had to buy one for myself.)

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