Family Friday: All About J & M's Painting and Anime Drawings

Second Friday of the month: Hobbies / Recreation / Kids

Ever since my kids were little, drawing has been one of their hobbies and a favorite activity for quiet time. I've featured some of their past works years ago on the blog and on Instagram as #ArtOfJandM. It's only recently that I've started taking notice again of what they've been creating. Please indulge me as I share some of their more current artworks that triggered some proud mommy moments for me. I am hard to please when it comes to my kids' works, but napabilib din nila ako with their latest artworks. :)

His doodling got less and less over the years, and homeschooling made it possible for him to explore art again. Noon puro robots and original game characters ang drawing niya. This year, he began taking painting classes at Art Smart. They teach him basic painting techniques and use acrylic on canvas.

Teacher said he is skilled, but sometimes tends to rush his projects. I've observed that he needs to be more meticulous and patient, and should work more neatly. Minsan ang daming patak ng paint on the sides and teacher will help him cover and clean it pa! Here are some of his works so far and I am looking for a spot in the house for each of them. =)

This painting below is for me. I'll claim this. =) He initially chose a blue and orange photo of a different jelly fish, but I wanted this more colorful version. It took me some time to convince him and told him to paint it for me, hehehe. Eventually, he obliged but did not quite finish... he missed some shading and shadows, but tinamad na kasi time is up na daw! Haaay!

He's currently working on this cupcake. Once he's done, I'll share the finished work on Instagram. =)

Drawing cartoons was always her favorite and she knows she's getting better at it. Pero she has her moods -- sometimes she will hide her work coz it's private daw, and there are days when she will request me to take a picture agad and let me post it on Instagram. She still prefers pencil drawings and rarely colors her works.

From creating her own animal characters to animé illustrations, she now gained the confidence to teach her classmates who are interested to learn and draw anime. Here are two mystical characters from a series she made last month.

M's latest drawings are all about anime girls. Since school started last June, she's been bringing home some of her doodles and comics. Earlier today, she created another original character named Necko Chan. Her characters all have "Chan" daw at the end of their names... don't ask me why! I can't understand her explanation, heehee.  

Here's a sample. May frontal rendition and side view. Mahirap daw yung side view, she is still practicing.

Their school is now on their term break, so she asked me if she can invite friends over and they can draw. Kaya bigla tuloy ako napa-organize ng "anime drawing workshop" dito sa bahay! M and another classmate with be the "teachers" for beginners and advanced levels.

Everything is almost set, and I am all out to support this hobby coz I also enjoyed drawing even as a kid. In this digital era, drawing with a pencil on paper is as organic as you can get when it comes to expressing one's creativity. Especially for the younger generation, it makes them appreciate art even more since it's their original work, drawn by hand. No gadgets, no complicated or high-tech materials needed. Just pure inspired drawings that spark their imagination.

"This is you, mommy. I copied the exact shirt and shorts you're wearing now, see...?" 
I look so young in that drawing diba, hahahaha. But at least she got the ponytail right.

"I can't do boys. Ok... I'm going to draw our family..."  
This was a stolen shot, kasi hindi pa ata tapos, but I love it already. =)

More of our family's art:

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