From PokemonGo to Instagram Stories

Third Friday of the month: Hobbies / Recreation

When August came around, there have been so many new stuff to try, and the hottest of which is the worldwide phenomenon -- PokemonGo.  Naturally, J and the kids immediately got the app as soon as it was launched in the country last August 6. It was a Saturday, so the kids were too happy to be able to register their own accounts and started playing with the rest of the world. Two days earlier, I was the one excited to try Instagram Stories, the latest feature on this popular social media platform.

This was how our first three weeks of August looked like and there are no signs of slowing down for the addicts in the house.  The kids even took out their dusty old Pokemon toys and started playing with them again, like this Pokemon monopoly!

Here they are at the mall, trying to catch their first batch of Pokemon. We already made an agreement about their PokemonGo playtime, and so far, they follow the rules and know when and where they can play.  Pero minsan, when they need to share a phone, nag-aaway pa rin who gets to play first.

Siyempre, super happy sila to catch Pikachu, and this "rare" Dragonair daw which they caught in Virra Mall recently.  I don't speak Pokemon lingo and have no idea who the characters are except for this popular yellow one.

Ako naman, I've moved on to Instagram Stories and completely abandoned the "pang-millennial" Snapchat, hehehehe. :) 

"If you can't beat them, join them." I guess that's what IG did after they recognized the success of Snapchat. Instagram Stories was launched last August 2. To date, the feature does not have the special effects and filters tools like what Snapchat has, but overall, they both offer similar functions of sharing our moments, captured in stills or videos. 

See that colored ring around my profile picture? That means I have uploaded a story, and each one will stay on my profile for 24 hours. You can also see your friends who shared new Stories from the circles on top of your feed. Learn more about the features of Instagram Stories here.

Around that same time as we were having fun with online entertainment, I saw this IG post of Kris with her latest bookstore find -- The 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book.  I have to get one for my self too and here's what I got -- Cityscapes.  The Wonders of the World edition is still out of stock but I still plan to get it once available. 

My reading glasses are working double time with these tiny numbers from 1 to 1000! Hahahaha! =) Addicting din just like the adult coloring books I shared here.

While my husband and children are into catching pocket monsters on their free time, I am posting random stories on my Instagram and connecting the dots to create cityscapes, just like this one I captured on video, riding the Olympic fever. Tap here to watch and see the finished page.

So there, that's what we've been "busy" with for the past few weeks. How about you? =)
Have fun!

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