Round-Up of Easy-to-Cook Baon Ideas (Packed Lunch)

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Back to school nanaman and most moms are making an effort to prepare their children's baon or packed lunch for school. We're talking about a meal for lunch, not a snack. Usually, in my case, heating left-over food from dinner is the way to go.  When I'm the mood to wake up early, I try to whip up simple 15-minute dishes.

Here's a round-up of recipes that have been tried and tested on my husband and kids. These are tasty lunch meals to-go for your family members.
Click on the link or photo for the full recipe.

(Ideally, adobo should be cooked the day before, save a portion and re-heat for baon the next day.))

(You can also blanche the beans first before you sauté.)

(Omit ground beef from recipe and use only sausages with the sauce for faster cooking time. )

(If you chance upon bottled bulgogi sauces in the grocery, grab one and make instant dishes with your choice of meat.)

(With this fried rice, chop and mix in any left over meat, or even Spam, to make it chunky and hearty.)

(One of my all-time favorites -- easy, tasty, and healthy.)

(Blanched broccoli works really well for this recipe too.)

(Not really a lunch meal but, hey, this winning breakfast food is a hit anytime of the day!)

Do you have easy-to-prepare baon meals you can share? =)

More kid-friendly recipes here: What's On My Kiddie Menu?

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