Bathe in Perfume + IG Giveaway

Do you enjoy taking long baths? 
Do you love the feeling of soft of supple skin? 
Do you like a sweet lingering smell after a shower? 
Well, I think you'll also like this Soft Touch Body Wash that I've been using for months now.

I grew fond of using a body wash over bar soap, maybe because it feels more luxurious on my skin while I bathe or shower. About six months ago, I was introduced to the new LUX perfumed bath collection with four elegant scents to choose from. I've been using the different variants alternately since then and my favorite is the LUX Soft Touch body wash.
  • It's creamy rich and sweet-smelling
    • with notes of vanilla, violet, bergamot, and perfume from delicate French roses
  • The scent lingers for hours
  • Always leaves my skin soft and supple to touch
I have a confession:  I usually take a shower at night, and when I'm in bed, I can smell myself and ang bango-bango ko! Hehehe. I love that I smell good. I feel good and I can sleep better. =)

You should try bathing in LUX Soft Touch Body Wash to know exactly what I'm saying. It only costs around PhP125 per 250ml bottle.

I'm also happy to announce that LUX will be having a month-long giveaway on Instagram starting tomorrow!

From April 28 to May 28, 2016, anyone can join the LUX SOFT TOUCH IG Giveaway in 3 easy steps:
  1. Follow @LuxPH on IG
  2. Post a selfie and say why you love having fragrant skin
  3. Use hashtags #BatheWithLux and #LuxSoftTouch
Post as many selfies as you want as long as each photo is different. No duplicate selfie.
Lux will select 20 winners. 
Prize is a Lux Soft Touch gift pack.
Winners will be announced on Instagram @LuxPH

Quick and easy, so start posting your selfies and tell your friends about it! =)

Tamang tama, in this warm and humid weather, we feel like taking shower more often, diba? So bathe with LUX na to feel fresh and have fragrant sweet-smelling skin! 

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