Field Trip to Hardin sa Tabing Ilog Campsite in Nasugbu, Batangas

Third Friday of the month:  Fun and Recreation / Travel

This month's Fun Friday feature is all about my girl's school culminating event for their social studies where the second graders and parents went on an exposure trip to Batangas. Hardin Sa Tabing Ilog Campsite was the venue for their year-end activity. This trip to an actual river was the perfect backdrop that allowed the kids to reflect and showcase what they've learned about Pasig River, it's surrounding communities and rehabilitation, and how it compares to rivers from around the world.

We always enjoy field trips. Who doesn't? =) These trips are opportunities for hands-on learning and to apply the lessons taught in school. It's a fact that we discover and learn more outside the classroom, diba? Even the parents enjoyed the trip and we all get to share the whole experience with our kids in a nature park like this. That's the best part.

The culminating program required the students to present their various projects in different stations set up around the campsite and by the river.

The trip was arranged by the amazing teachers and the venue was closed exclusively for our group's use last Monday. We were divided in groups by color and all of us (parents) needed to participate in each station.  Hence, I was not able to take more photos of the facilities within the campsite.

Nakakapagod ang akyat-baba sa rocky steps! Hehehehe... 

Hardin has multi-level platforms that look like the rice terraces from afar. The space is for setting up tents for campers.  But for our program, the open areas had an assigned station where the kids will present or require tasks from the parents. 

This camping area was turned into a gallery with trivia booths about famous rivers like the Nile, Ganges, Danube, Amazon, and Yangtze.

One of the tasks was stationed across the river so each group had to cross this bamboo bridge. For our team Green, we were tasked to re-enact a scene from Pasig River during the pre-colonial period -- the river was used for trading then.

Teams took turns on each station. Another task was to measure how deep the river is, like what the Blue team is doing (below). 

We even made a make-shift water filter with a mock sample of Pasig River water! Sayang I forgot to take a photo of our water filter -- fail! Hahaha!

After accomplishing all the tasks from each station, swimming na! First time for me and the girl to frolic in a river and it's so cool!

The weather was perfect for our outdoor trip. It was warm and humid though, so it was nice to cool off in the river. The kids really had a blast swimming and playing in the clean shallow river. We hiked back to the resting areas afterwards and had lunch, picnic style on long tables and benches.

The Hardin is a good venue for team building, camping, and outdoor activities. It's something different coz there's a river that runs through the property -- that's the main draw.

Hardin sa Tabing Ilog Campsite features and amenities:
  • Clean and shallow river
  • 5,000 sqm. of dense vegetation, shrubs and trees, camp sites and living areas
  • Camping tents - can sleep 4 to 8 persons
  • 6 Nipa huts / bahay kubo - (dormitory type) can accomodate 5 to 24 persons
  • 5 Gazebos
  • Function hall
  • Kitchen
  • Mountain & river trekking 
  • Affordable food packages
The facilities are all rustic native design. However, they badly need improvements in their changing areas and bathrooms, and construct a decent shower room especially for those coming up from the river. Washing up with the kids proved to be a challenge.

Group bookings only. Minimum of 50 pax.
Click here to learn more about Hardin in Nasugbu, Batangas. Travel time from Mandaluyong is about 2 1/2 hours. They currently cater to schools, companies and religious organizations. 

Here's an amazing shot of me and my girl under this huge tree. Below is our parting shot by the river. Thanks to my co-parent, photographer Lawrence del Mundo for these fantastic shots! Check out his gallery of works here for your photography needs. =)

It was quite a unique outdoor adventure for us and we have the school to thank for this wonderful experience at Hardin sa Tabing Ilog Campsite.

Kilometer 91 Pasong Kawayan
Nasugbu, Batangas
Contacts: +63927-9706104 / +63917-5467185 / +63928-7286482 / +63925-7411711
Email: hardincampsitenasugbu@yahoo.com

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