A Quick Escape to Subic

I can't get my mind off the beach. It's the season kasi. The family had an early taste of summer last month, during Valentine's weekend to be exact. The road trip to Subic was mainly for J's business meeting which extended to our quick beach getaway. I'd say those unplanned trips are the more exciting and memorable ones, don't you think so?

Let me flashback to four weeks ago, Saturday before Valentine's day...
It was a jampacked week for me and the kids, and that Saturday I was supposed to attend a homeschool conference while the boy had a Filipino class. All plans were dropped as soon as J told us he'll be having a meeting in Subic and we can tag along for an overnight stay. Done. =)  The kids and I are quick to pack for a road trip, anytime! They were so thrilled of course, and was already thinking about going to the beach.  

Here's a photo essay of our day at the beach and maybe this will give you an idea for a quick summer weekend trip with family and friends.

Since it was not really a vacation, we stayed at a modest lodging place where J had his meeting. We had the whole afternoon free to relax at the beach and that's our main agenda. Friends suggested Camayan Beach Resort and Kamana Sanctuary Resort. During our last trip to Subic five years ago, we stayed at Lighthouse Marina Resort, which I featured here

Camayan Beach Resort, located beside Ocean Adventure, offers overnight accommodations and day trips from 7:30 am to 8pm, with minimal entrance fee:
  • P300 for adults
  • P250 for kids 12 and below
  • P1,500 for cabana rental

Other services and activities for the day, you can check out here from their website. They also have a restaurant and bar, and indoor activities. They need to clean and improve their shower areas though.

We arrived shortly before 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the weather was perfect.  Not too sunny, with a cool breeze and light waves hitting the shore.

After a quick change, the kids immediately ran to the beach, found a less crowded spot and started making sand castles and "experiments".

The sand has pebbles and small rocks, but still fine enough to safely walk barefoot. 

We rented a cabana so J and I just relax, chat and snack while the kids spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and playing.

On our side, they had the beach all to themselves. Finally, their wish to go to the beach was realized. Two hours of uninterrupted play. Sun, sea, sand... it was a beautiful sight!

We stayed by the beach until sunset and it was glorious! Too bad I was not able to take a better shot. Naturally, we were all hungry by that time so dun na rin kami nag dinner, and it was sort of a pre-Valentine family date since they had hearts theme decorations all around the al fresco resto and on-the-beach dining.

The next day, we did some shopping then had a delicious lunch at Big Ben's Diner. 

Another unplanned stop was at Kamayan Sanctuary Resort and Spa before we headed home. Check their site here.

The exclusive resort is located off the main road. There's a cafe that's open to the public so even if we're not billeted there, we were able to have light snacks and explored the posh property. They have cottages on stilts and an infinity pool. Next time, I hope we can stay here for a night or two.

Watch this short clip I took of the resort:

Enjoy the summer!
Where are your favorite local summer destinations?

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