Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park Opens in Frontera Verde, Pasig

Jump, bounce, jump, dunk, jump, climb, jump, eat, party! You can do them all at the first and biggest indoor trampoline park in the Philippines. I am so excited to announce that JUMP YARD is now open for the whole family to enjoy a one-of-a-kind high-flying experience!

The kids have always been fond of jumping on trampolines since they were very little. In fact, we had a small kid-sized trampoline before.  It's so much fun and a great exercise, especially for high-energy kids and for those who just love to jump! =)  Adults are no exception. I remember watching a show some years back that featured a huge trampoline park in the US and I wished there was one here too, coz I'm sure it will be a hit here. Now, there's Jump Yard in the Philippines!

A few days ago, I was invited to visit and try jumping on an olympic trampoline for the first time at the newly-opened Jump Yard Trampoline Park in Frontera Verde, Pasig City with my boy. It used to be the Blue Whale grill and resto, and run by the same owners as Fun Ranch. There's a spiral staircase leading to the restaurant and jump yard on the second level. It's just a week old but I guarantee it's gonna be a hit playground for kids and a hangout place for teens and adults. It's also perfect for acrobats and gymnasts!

On a personal note, this venue is heaven-sent for us.
You see, the trampoline, crash pads and foam pits are just the kind of "bump and crash" activity that my boy needs. Beyond the fun and recreational aspect, Jump Yard is a fantastic venue for children who are sensory-seekers, who have tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive sensory needs like my boy. This is the answer to their "sensory diet", as prescribed by occupational therapists -- an outlet to help improve their sense of balance and spatial coordination, muscles and joints, movement and body position awareness. He was just beyond thrilled to be able to "get wild" and jump all he wants without worry of hurting himself or of me shouting at him to stop, hahahaha!

Features and What To Expect at Jump Yard:
  • 2,000 square meters of indoor jumping space
  • Up to 180 jumpers per time slot
  • Design and equipment follow international standards for ultimate fun, comfort and safety
    • Rubber flooring, fully padded brackets, walls and posts
    • Advanced cooling and ventilation system
  • Viewing deck for non-jumpers/players
  • Sitting and resting spots within the play yard
  • First aid available
  • Restaurant - offers light meals and drinks
  • Lockers, cubby holes, rest rooms on site
  • Premium quality Jump Yard grip socks for sale = P100
  • Trained marshals will guide and assist jumpers
  • For kids and adults
    • Best for age 7 and up, in good health
    • Great for gymnasts, fitness and sports enthusiasts
  • Party packages available for birthdays, team-building, school events, etc. (see poster at the end of the post)

Regular rates:
Php250 per jump hour - Monday to Thursday
Php350 per jump hour - Friday to Sunday and Holidays
(same rate for kids and adults)
Non-jumper/guardian going inside the yard:  Php100 /person

  • Companions can dine and wait at the restaurant or view deck -- no need to pay entrance fee.
  • Choose your jumping hour, sign a waiver, and pay at the registration counter.
  • Watch the Safety Video first, and wear Jump Yard Grip Socks.
Online Registration here. 
Always check Jump Yard Facebook Page for updates and special schedules.
Updated as of June 2016

1 hour Jump Time per slot
First jump hour: 12:30-1:30pm / Last jump hour: 7:30-8:30pm
First jump hour: 12:30-1:30pm / Last jump hour: 8:30-9:30pm
First jump hour: 9:30-10:30am / Last jump hour: 8:30-9:30pm

For Toddler Time, adult companion is required in the arena.

For 1 hour or less, expect an aerobic workout like no other and sweat it out...A LOT!
Here's a tour of Jump Yard.

Several attractions to entertain different groups:
  • Olympic and Open Jump Trampolines 
  • Cage Ball
  • Dodge Ball
  • Slam Dunk Basketball
  • Foam Pits
  • Wall Climbing and Monkey Bars

Olympic Trampoline
This area is quite challenging for first-timers like me coz it takes a while to get the rhythm and balance of jumping on it.  Ang lakas ng bounce talaga! Kids below 48" are NOT allowed here.

My (adult)friends and I got a bit disoriented after jumping off! =)  It's best to jump and fall into the foam pitt if you want to get off the trampoline safely and less dizzy, hahaha!  Here's my friend and fellow blogging mama Conci, doing her mid-jump splits, as we requested.  Below is me and Tina trying really hard not to fall off! :D 

Cage Ball 
We didn't get to try it inside but pairs and groups can play here. It's the latest addition to the yard -- jump and toss the ball over the net just like a volleyball game.

Dodge Ball
This enclosed area has it's own game rules for groups who want to play and rent this whole area, for a fee (see poster at the end of this post). But anyone can go in and try running and hitting each other with balls -- while bouncing! Ang saya at ang hirap!  Major exercise yan, hehehe! =)
This is where the smaller kids, for 5 y.o. and below, can jump and play safely. Exclusive use for Toddler Time during the first jump hour only.

Slam Dunk Basketball
Easily the most popular attraction especially among the guys. The trampoline propels the players high enough to shoot and dunk the ball, which they can't normally do on ordinary courts. There are 3 height levels to choose from in the main section and 2 more basketball rings inside the open jump trampoline area.  It's good to note that the rim of the baskets are padded as well.

Foam Pit / Wall Climb / Monkey Bars
On one end of the open jump area is this wall climbing and foam pit section. 
Also where the smaller kids (ages 6 and below) can jump and play safely.

Jump Yard Restaurant
Guests and hungry jumpers can take a break at the dining area by the registration counter. It has a glass wall as viewing window so companions can see the main floor while eating. 

A bigger dining and waiting area on the upper level by the viewing deck.

View from the deck.

Lockers and cubby holes are located between the resto and main door to the jump yard grounds. Locker use require P100 refundable deposit. 
Restrooms at the resto and also another conveniently located inside the play area.

According to the owners, they are planning special programs to incorporate into the attractions so expect more exciting activities in the coming months.

So, head over to Jump Yard now with your friends and family for a day that's #‎jumpPACKEDwithFUN. Start jumping!

Sneak peek at Jump Yard. Watch this short video from my boy:

  • For kids 5 and below -- designated jumping area is in the Dodge Ball arena and at the inner section near the monkey bars; should be accompanied by a guardian
    • Best to go during the first jumping hour of the day (scroll up to see Toddler Time poster)
  • Eat well and rest at least 30 minutes before jumping
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before your chosen jumping hour:
    • Read and sign waiver
    • Watch the safety video (and remember the rules)
    • Wear socks, secure belongings
    • Remove all accessories, jewelry, watch, coins, items in pockets
  • NO gadget-use allowed while jumping -- only non-jumping companions can take your photos/video
  • Be mindful of other jumpers, take turns
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes -- shirts, pants, jogging pants, leggings, fitness attire
  • What to bring:
    • Grip socks (or buy at Jump Yard)
    • Change of clothes, extra shirts if you sweat a lot
    • Towel/s
    • Water

Jump, eat, and party at Jump Yard! We'll be going back, again and again!

Frontera Verde Complex, Ortigas Avenue Corner C5,  Pasig City
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Call (632) 544-0703
Mobile:  +639084720031 /  +639156182183

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