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The New Year of the Fire Monkey has just entered last Monday and my whole month is already full of activities. Looking over my calendar makes me feel stressed and excited at the same time. Lots of things to look forward to, really. Between home management, homeschooling the boy, tutoring the girl, and squeezing dates with J, I know I need to carve out some time for myself. Remember: happy wife, happy life. =)

Yesterday was the first super packed day of the new year for me. Thursdays are actually my most hectic day of the week with two classes outside the home for the boy. I have to decline all other activities and invitations on this day. But yesterday was different, with many unplanned changes to boot! 

I now wondered what's special about this February 11? Ang dami talagang ganap!
On top of our usual schedule, I received an invitation to a foodie event in Cebu, a product event in a mall, a scheduled meet-up at a bakeshop, and a lunch reunion with college friends.

Before learning about the girl's party, I already declined the meeting and invitations, except for the quick lunch with friends. The lunch was eventually postponed coz one of our classmates gave birth. =)  I was trying to find a way to go to the #MelissaTakeMeToParadise event coz I love the brand, I've met the owners and the organizer is my friend. Plus, the foot spa was so tempting and I know I badly needed one.

The universe heard my (positive)thoughts, stars aligned and the girl got an invitation to a party for the same day in the same venue. Perfect! I was meant to enjoy myself and get my personal break after all!

Here's a peek at my Instagram posts yesterday, from five out of six activities.

Imagine going to five different locations in one day, split between two kids and six activities -- buti nalang we have a driver and all stops were within the Pasig-Mandaluyong vicinity. Nakakaloka!

My Thursday Hustle:
9:30 am:  Left the house 
1st stop:  10am - Swim class for the boy at Ace Water Spa
2nd stop:  11:45am - Quick lunch and errands at Estancia mall
3rd stop:  1pm - Art class for the boy in CCF
4th stop:  3:10pm - Fetch the girl from school / home for quick snack and rest
5th stop:  4:30pm - arrive at SM Megamall   1. Ice skating birthday play date for the girl + dinner  2. Unexpected meet-up at Portobello Bakery (activity was supposed to be at 2:30, but they started late, so naabutan ko pa sila when I was running, literally, to my next event)
  3. Attend blogger event at Melissa store + foot spa session**
8 pm:  Home / do one homework with the girl

Pagoda!!! Is this crazy or what?

As I've mentioned on my IG post, I saved the best for last. Finally, an hour of doing nothing and being pampered!!! So here I was, having my first "me time" for the year (thanks to Melissa Philippines) and loving it! Watch out for my separate feature on Melissa shoes on Mom-Finds soon.

Many thanks to Eleanor, Joanna (not in photo) from Melissa Philippines, and Marj for organizing and inviting me! 

After browsing through the spring-summer collection of Melissa, I was led to the nail salon for my well-deserved pampering.

Foot spa time at Nail-a-holics Salon in Megamall

They offered a hand and foot massage with mani-pedi. But I need to go back to the ice skating rink at 6:30 so I had to skip the mani and massage and ended up with a foot scrub and pedi. That's all I need for now.

There were some guests being pampered as well and we were all served mini cupcakes to devour while having our treatments. This was my decadent Reese's choco-peanut butter cupcake bite.

I walked out with clean and freshly-painted toenails! I like this shade of red in Iconic by Orly. The Epix gel polish is quick-drying and I was told this gel lacquer can be easily removed with regular acetone. Happy feet, happy mommy, hahaha! =) 

Even after just one hour of "me time", I felt recharged and relaxed. Shoe shopping and foot spa -- winner diba? =) What a perfect way to end the day's hustle. I know I deserve this reward! For all the moms like me, whether we had a busy day or not, we all need to set aside some time for ourselves. Slow down, breathe, take a break, relax, unwind, be alone. Just do it, kahit quarterly, pwede na, heehee! Next on my pamper-me list is a facial or massage.

How do you unwind?

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