Revisiting Ark Avilon Zoo in Frontera Verde

First month of the year and we have five Fridays pala! =) I was supposed to publish this feature yesterday but my computer was not cooperating and I didn't feel too good either. Hence, no Friday post. Boo-hoo! Still, I'll follow my Freestyle Friday theme -- anything goes, more photos less text. If you're confused about what I'm writing about, click here to get an idea. Anyhow, good timing naman kasi I wanted to feature our most recent trip to Ark Avilon Zoo and what you can expect to see there now.

Last month, one of M's closest friends in class treated us to a tour of the zoo to celebrate her birthday. I think this was our third time here, but there's always something new to see and experience every trip.  I have a detailed blog feature of Ark Avilon Zoo before -- 6 years ago na pala yun, and may souvenir photo pa with Jenny the orangutan. I wonder why we didn't see her during our last visit.

I'm pretty sure some of the animals there were the same ones we saw a few years ago. You should see the animals in my previous post here.  Nakaka-aliw to compare past and present kasi lumaki na sila (assuming they're the same one)!

I added the links to the old pictures so if you click on some of the photos below, you can see their "then" and how they are "now". =)

Another change is they now have a gift shop by the entrance, leading to the hallway with a few kiddie "rides". The last time we were there, we saw hamsters and hedgehogs, and squirrels too!

First attraction was this beautiful WHITE TIGER. Sleeping mode so this was my only shot behind the viewing glass.

This is the tiger's neighbor, the majestic JAVAN LEOPARD.  The lion, fox, and jaguar were in the next quarters but didn't get nice shots of them.

The first appearance of the MEERKAT. Remember Timon from The Lion King? Eto yun. They are so cute when they run, stop, stand and freeze.  Perfect capture sana kung walang glare from the glass.

The BEARCAT, up close, looking down on me from his "tree".

There were also a few reptiles who seemed to be staring at us as we passed by their station, like this MARBLED WATER MONITOR LIZARD.

One of the most popular attractions for these girls -- the feeding pen of the RABBITS and GUINEA PIGS. Ang takaw nila sa carrots!

Oh, the lazy PIGS, kain-tulog inside the feeding pit! Heehee!

Look how adorable and tame this MULE is. 

The SHEEP were not in the mood for photos. And they look damp here. Baka naligo, hehe...

Back for more animal-feeding, this time with the GOATS who like chomping on kangkong.

I still didn't get the name of this bird, but I suspect it's a RHINOCEROS HORNBILL. Let me know if I'm wrong.

More exotic birds that are friendly and talkative. We love the MACAWS and COCKATOOS. You can even have a photo taken with any of them perched on your arm, shoulder or head (for a fee).

If you're not into birds, how about cozying up with a reptile. The ALBINO SNAKE slithers but doesn't bite (yet none wanted to get close, save for one brave girl, hahaha!)

You can also pose with the giant mice! Heehee... =)

The kids had a wonderful time petting and feeding the animals, and the moms too! I guess no one is too old to enjoy the zoo.

Don't forget to check out how the animals looked like a few years ago, here. Can you spot which ones grew up na? =)

Last snapshot of this regal eagle as we left Ark Avilon Zoo. Bye bye, birdie! Hope to see you again someday!

Frontera Verde, Pasig City
Entrance Fee: P350

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