Fun Friday: Micro Toys and Crafts for LPS

Third Friday of the month: Recreation / Hobby / Toys

Do you know what's LPS? At first, I was clueless, until I realized those were "Littlest Pet Shop" toys that my girl is so addicted to lately. I told her it's an old toy already. She said it's new and she watches it on YouTube too. It made a comeback pala and has released many series of toy collections aside from the cartoon show.  So, for the past several months, these tiny "pets" have been her playmates, which also made their way in our bathroom and invaded the bedroom.

My girl has always been crafty and enjoys pretend-play on her own. She can spend hours playing with her toy-of-the-season -- this time it's her growing collection of LPS toys.

Aside from searching the internet for more LPS pets that she adds to her wish-list on Amazon.com, she also started creating her own accessories and other props to her makeshift play area. Check out the paper clip "necklace"/ collar, the pink "bow", bead necklace, and "crown hairband" from excess pipe cleaner. 

She reminds me so much of myself when I used to do craft my own props for my Barbie dolls and Fisher Price people. With whatever materials I can find from extra supplies and scraps from my mom's sewing machine, I hand-made fashion and home accessories for my toys too! =)

When she can't make the props by hand or needs hot glue, she asks for my help. We print the designs she wanted and she proceeds to cut and paste.

Look at that "Popular" LPS poster she wanted to hang on the pretend "bedroom wall"...

... that "bed and pillow" set cut out from a recycled gift box and a cotton pad...

...and only the latest gadgets for her pets, like iPads and iPhones. I printed the front and back, then we mounted on double-sided adhesive foam tape/pad, about an inch small.

My favorite from her micro crafts is the toothpick art. You'd really think those are actual tiny pencils with the way she trimmed and colored them.  She cut and colored the toothpicks, even tried to write the brand, to look like her markers and pencils.  I was truly amused that I posted it on my Instagram while she was still coloring them.


M:   Are you going to take a picture? Let me fix them first, mommy... wait...
Me: Ok, set it up before I take a shot.
M:   Show this side so they can see there's a cap on marker. I'll draw lines so it will look like you drew it with the pens.

During the last PTC at her school, her teachers also told me that she's been cutting and making these tiny crafts with her classmates.  I just hope she's not making a mess in their classroom, heehee!

Amazing what these little hands and fingers can do, with just a bit of imagination and love for creating things for her own enjoyment. Carry on, little girl, carry on. =)

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