My Top Foodie Hits from Alaska Merry Crémas Festival 2015

It's December, and I can already feel the holiday spirit! Have you started decorating your home? Are you planning for your noche buena and Christmas potluck parties? The holiday season gives everyone a reason to eat and be merry, literally. It's when we get to enjoy all the specialty dishes that our parents and grannies used to prepare. And when it comes to holiday dishes, one of the most in-demand ingredient is the all-purpose cream. Just think of the delicious possibilities!

One of the highly anticipated holiday food festivals happened recentlyd at the Trinoma Activity Center -- the  Alaska Merry Crémas Festival. This was it's 3rd successful year. The main objective of the festival is to tap home bakers, foodies and Alaska home-preneurs to use Alaska Créma All-Purpose Cream and showcase its versatility through the dishes they create.

I was not able to attend last year's festival so I was quite excited to be invited again Alaska and join my blogger friends last November 29. We sampled the dishes from the participating merchants who will also competed for the cash prize of P25,000 for the best food entry!

This year's winner is the Salted Caramel Panna Cotta from Cupkies by K -- which I sadly failed to try since there was no sample yet when I visited their booth. Mahilig pa naman ako sa panna cotta. Looks good, no? I'm sure this tasted divine.

There were just so many tasty savory meals and sweet treats that I was only able to try some of the offerings from merchants who were able to prepare samples for tasting.

Here are my top foodie picks that made an impression on me. Each of these merchants creatively made use of Alaska Créma All-Purpose Cream for their mouthwatering specialties -- definitely flavorful and made more delectable with Alaska Créma. I was actually more impressed with the savory ulam with the cream than the desserts, coz it was totally unexpected to find cream mixed in the savory meals other than the usual pasta.

Let's start with the savory dishes then finish off with sinful desserts, in no particular order:

Rellenong Bangus - Taste of Heaven
The filling is made with bangus flakes seasoned and blended with cream.

Chicken Paprika - Bite Sized Dessert Project
Tender chicken chunks in creamy paprika-spiced sauce.

Taco - Homecooked Goodness
The garlic cream sauce on their tacos made all the difference.

Sisig - Manong's Bagnet Station
My personal favorite among the savory dishes -- well-seasoned bagnet sisig with a touch of creaminess! It works really well with the spiciness.

Cassava Cake - Titong's Delicacies
Unlike other cassava cakes I've tried, this has a very fine and milky texture with just the right sweetness.

Maha Blanca - Nicomethods
White, creamy and velvety smooth, a Pinoy delicacy that brought back childhood memories.

Churros con chocolate - Apple's Confection
My favorite sweet treat was this thick and rich chocolate ganache dip for the freshly-cooked churros. 

My friends were also raving about this mille crepe cakes and the deep dish pizzas, all with the creamy goodness of Alaska Créma All-Purpose Cream, which I failed to try coz I already left before they offered samplers. I just took photos on my way out. I'm drooling just by looking at these!

Mille Crepe by Kiss

Chicago Pizza

Congrats to all the merchants and the winner of the Alaska Merry Crémas Festival! After seeing and trying the various food choices at the festival, super impressed talaga ako and inspired to try and cook with Alaska Créma All-Purpose Cream, which has transformed simple homemade dishes and desserts into something unique and exciting to the palate.

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Alaska Merry Crémas Festival 2015

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