Travel Smart, Connect and Surf Abroad for Only P550

The last time I traveled abroad was when my boy was just six months old. I went to Singapore with J and my good friend. Gosh, that was almost twelve years na!!! At that time, we need to buy a phone card just to call or connect to the internet. These days, having easy access to surf is as essential as having your passport. And as a bearer of good news, we can now live the Smart Life and enjoy worry-free data roaming with Smart Surf Abroad 550!

Noon wala pa akong blog and IG. Now, as a blogger and IG addict, it would be a thrill to share my travel experience in real time diba? I wish we can fly out of the country this holiday season. Sigurado, my hubby and I will be maximizing our #SmartSurfAbroad 550 data roaming package with all the sight-seeing and shopping in our chosen destination.

Why is it important for me to have #SmartSurfAbroad?
  • To stay connected with my loved ones
  • To be able to instantly share travel moments and shopping finds
  • Access email
  • Access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites
  • Chat on Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Hail an Uber car for transpo convenience anywhere
  • Access Google maps for directions on-the-go or use Google Translate
So how does Smart Postpaid Surf Abroad 550 work?

  • Initially available to all Smart Postpaid and Smart Infinity subscribers
  • Flat rate of Php550 per day from 12AM-11:59PM of the visited country
  • Wider coverage: 112 countries covered (including top destinations like Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, US, France, Germany, Brazil, India, etc.)
  • Hassle-free -- No need to register
    • No need to manually select roaming network, Smart will automatically connect you to it's partner network
  • No bill shock
    • New network lock feature does not allow roaming usage on non-partner roaming networks = No unwanted data charges
Smart Postpaid Surf Abroad 550 worry-free data roaming and ready to surf in just 2 easy steps:
  1. Turn on your phone to update location
  2. Turn on your data roaming - no need to key in special codes or text registration
Once the service is active, you can start surfing! You'll also get timely notifications and update of your subscription.

So, when going abroad, travel smart. Live the Smart Life with Smart Surf Abroad 550! Sulit!!!

Visit http://smart.com.ph/postpaidsurfabroad for more details and complete list of countries and corresponding roaming partners.

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