Fun in Baguio, Day 2 and 3: Tree Top Adventure and Wright Park

Our Baguio adventure continues after a beautiful first day of driving around Session Road and touring BenCab Museum. Despite having car trouble on day one, we were still able to visit some sights with a rented van the next day and enjoyed ourselves for the rest of the trip with amazing outdoor activities for the whole family to remember.

When I planned for this Baguio trip, I wanted to bring the kids back to the popular tourist attractions that we went to before. Since they can't remember much about that first family trip, they were all game for whatever I suggested. Look at us here, by the giant Igorot statue at the Botanical Garden on New Year's Eve, and posed outside the gate of the The Mansion on New Year's Day 2008. The girl was a week shy of her first birthday and was still breastfeeding, while the boy was four.

I knew we'll be outdoors in chilly weather most of the time, so aside from packing pants and jackets for all of us to keep warm, I also brought along a pack of insect repellent and our trusty vitamins like their Scott's Pastilles, to keep the sniffles at bay. No one wants to get sick while traveling, so best to be safe and in tip top shape to catch those momazing moments with the kids.

Here's the second installment of our Baguio family weekend getaway.

Day 2, after breakfast, our rented van was already waiting at the hotel lobby and our first stop was Camp John Hay. We just bought a few snacks at the Commissary and we headed to Tree Top Adventure along Loakan Road.

We did not plan to go here but since we were already in Camp John Hay, our driver suggested we try it out. I was more excited at first coz I first learned about Tree Top Adventure in Subic, but never tried it.  Tree Top Adventure - Baguio features jungle trails, suspension bridges, and the world’s first motorized canopy tour that will bring us up to 100 feet from the ground!

The boy was instantly raring to go after seeing the billboard of the outdoor packages. He loved doing the zip line from other amusement parks we went to so he's more game with this type of adventure, but the girl has been hesitant ever since. Up until we paid for our tickets, she was unsure. J was also excited with the canopy ride.  

Initially, we wanted Package 1 which includes the canopy and funicular ride, and the silver surfer. However, the silver surfer already has a long line reserved for the big group that was having their team building activities at the venue. We settled for the canopy and funicular ride for Php350 per person.

This was a fantastic opportunity to conquer our (slight)fear of heights, heehee! But for me, the most momazing moment was when the girl finally went along our adventure and actually got the thrill of her life when we crossed the forest and rode through the tall pine trees!

All strapped in and ready for the ride!

Safety is top priority and there are technicians at every station waiting for us. We cannot get on or off the seat on our own. The guy personally attaches and removes all the hooks and straps individually from each rider.

Look down and touch the leaves and branches with your shoes! =)

Amazing view from the (tree) top!

Watch this short video of our exhilarating Tree Top ride!

We transferred from tower to tower for each canopy ride, each trip with a slightly different view. The ride can only accommodate 4 at a time so we had to wait for our turn at some stations. At one station, we saw a pair on the Silver Surfer adventure zooming down the diagonal zipline. Weeeeee!

After a short trek, we reached the station for the Funicular Ride. It's like a super slow-motion caterpillar ride, hahahaa... so no thrill there. Turtle pace down the slope, then pulled back up again. That's it.

We headed back to the previous station and waited for our final Canopy Ride back to the main station.

Back where we started.

The Tree Top Adventure was one of the highlights of our Baguio trip coz it's the first time for all us. And it felt really amazing to see the forest and the mountains so high up, with our feet dangling and touching the tree tops! Go try it out when you're in Baguio!

After lunch, we dropped off the boys back to the hotel while the girl and I headed to Good Shepherd which is just a few minutes drive. I made sure we're able buy our favorite delicacies and bring some pasalubong for the grannies.

The girl marveled at the variety of flowers around the compound, so while I was lining up to order and pay at the counter, the girl borrowed my camera started snapping. 

I got a couple of bottles of healthy Ginger Tea and Turmeric Tea for my mom and myself. If I remember correctly, this costs Php160.  Instant tea for me. Tastes really good mixed with a teaspoon of honey in a pot of hot water.

When in Baguio, I never fail to buy the famous Good Shepherd Ube Jam. No other brand can compare. I had my first taste of their ube jam in the 80s since my mom was raving about it. Back then, it was more pale in color and with tiny bits of ube. I'm sure they have improved their production process through the years to make a smoother jam, but I felt it's not as "pure ube" as before and got a bit more purple coloring. Still, it's the best-tasting ube jam for me that I can't leave Baguio without at least 2 bottles all for myself. =)  A bottle costs Php200.

I also bought jars of Peanut Brittle and Lenguas de Gato -- all gone before I remembered to take a photo for this post. At least there were a few pieces of Chocolate Crinkles left here, and a bundle of Sundot Kulangot which was part of our loot from our market visit that afternoon. Check out more of our cool Baguio finds I shared earlier here.

Our plans to bring the kids to Burnham Park and Mines View Park were derailed coz there were just too many people that day. The parks were crowded. It was a holiday so I guess locals and tourists decided to flock to these famous landmarks as well. And there was no parking too, so we just drove by and the kids chorused that they wanted to go back to the hotel instead. That afternoon, J got our car back from the service shop.

On our agenda was to dine at Ketchup Food Community, conveniently located on Romulo Dr. just a few minutes drive from our hotel. Halos tapat lang din ng Wright Park. It's an al fresco dining enclave of complementing food establishments, ideal for family gatherings and even outdoor parties and events.  Friday evening, we expected lots of diners and true enough, there were groups waiting for tables. We ended up at Rancho Norte which serves tasty Pinoy dishes.

This was my refreshing strawberry smoothie. I also ordered takeout from Canto, which serves really good pork ribs and fresh salad! I didn't have my camera with me so I was not able to take decent photos of the venue and the food.  Eto, I just borrowed some photos from Cai's blog. =)

 Thanks to Cai of Apples and Dumplings, for these photos - grabbed from her feature on Ketchup Food Community

Day 3, after breakfast, we headed to Wright Park for horseback riding. It was so amusing to see a row of beautiful horses in all shapes and sizes. Parang may beauty pageant ng mga kabayo sa park! =) The horses have different care takers so it's just fair that they line them up and let the riders choose. 

Visitors get to pick the horse they fancy and ride around the park, or if you're brave enough, gallop by the side of the road.

Fees for 1 hour ride is Php300, and Php200 for 30 minutes. We all got the half-hour ride. I knew I can't last 15 minutes, hahahaha!

The boys were braver and chose the bigger brown horses. I'm so proud of my boy coz he was very cool and confident on his chosen steed.  The girl, obviously, was attracted to the pink-haired horseys and got to ride one too!

I think I got off my horse after 10 minutes only... my poor aching bum! Hehehehe! I gladly sat on the side and just take their photos and video. 

Watch daddy and the kids on their horses...

Leisurely gallop done. Shopping done. Back to the hotel to laze around until check-out time. While the boys preferred to stay in our hotel suite, the girl and I went to the garden to take in all the fresh air and nature's beauty all around before we leave.  More picture-taking for this girl...

The best part about our Baguio trip was the bonding time during all our activities. Kids really enjoyed the outdoors and the perfectly cool weather of the summer capital. Despite some setback with our vehicle, our two-night stay created wonderful memories to cherish, and we all went home very happy.

Have you visited Baguio lately? What are you favorite spots?

Sharing this video about cherishing Momazing moments with Scott's :)
Posted by Scott's Philippines on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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