6 Reasons to Bathe with Perfume Everyday with LUX

I love taking long baths and showers. It's a luxury for me to spend over 15 minutes bathing and using great-smelling body cleansers help me feel invigorated. I consider it my "me time" after a tiring day. Don't you just want to feel and smell wonderful even hours after you've stepped out of the bathroom? Well, there's a new bath product that delivers just that, and it's now in the Philippines. We can all have a luxurious experience of bathing with perfume every day with the new LUX soap and body wash!

I still remember in my younger years, my family used Lux, a well-loved brand of creamy scented bath soap. Today, LUX has created a new line of soap bars and body washes that will make you feel like you bathed with perfume! Sosyal!

I've tried the LUX Magical Spell Body Wash over the weekend and it truly made bathing a luxurious and relaxing experience for me, especially with it's elegant scent.

"Master perfumer Nicole Mancini helped design this irresistible fragrance with the unabashedly feminine woman in mind. Featuring an intense and alluring blend of dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean that come to life in every bath, Magical Spell unlocks a woman’s bold side, leaving her feeling more beautiful and confident than ever."

Here are 6 Reasons to Bathe With LUX:
  1. LUX Perfumed Bath Collection are masterfully designed and crafted by perfume experts from New York, Paris, and London, which lends a lingering perfumed scent on our body after a luxurious bathing experience.
  2. Be bold with LUX's signature scent -- Magical Spell body wash 
    • captures the addictive notes of the precious and exotic Black Orchid with opulent dark florals, crafted with fragrance pearls; infuses the skin with up to 8 hours of lasting perfume
  3. For a flawless feeling, there's LUX White Impress body wash
    • made with WhiteLight™ technology and the crystal clear scent with notes of peach, white florals, musk and amber
  4. Go with LUX Soft Touch body wash
    • for a playful mood with notes of vanilla, violet, bergamot, and its alluring perfume of delicate French Roses for irresistibly soft skin
  5. LUX Love Forever is the world’s first body wash with Fragrance Touch Technology™
    • with notes of sandalwood, scarlet rose and mandarin orange, that releases a sensual scent for long-lasting fragrance of up to 12 hours
  6. If you prefer bar soaps, LUX also offers 3 scents in White Impress, Soft Touch, and Magical Spell.
SRP : PhP 120 - 125 / 250ml bottle

I got first dibs on the new Magical Spell body wash and soap, thanks to LUX, so I'm sharing this good news also to all of you too!

Be one of the first to try the NEW LUX Perfumed Bath Collection! 
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Click here: www.bit.ly/bathewithlux 
FREE!!! LUX Magic Spell Bar Soap and Body Wash in a leather pouch.

Bathe with perfume, bathe with LUX. With these four elegant perfumed body cleansers, mapapadalas talaga ang ligo natin! =)  Share this good news and sign up na agad to get your free sample bath kit from LUX!

Learn more about the entire LUX collection here:

Note: Photos from LUX Philippines.

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