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Blessed is an overused word already, but in this case, I can really say our recent staycation was another unexpected blessing. I tell you, my kids are the happiest every time we are treated to overnight accommodations like our stay in a Serendipity Suite of Discovery Suites Ortigas. There were so many surprises as soon as we checked in which made this particular weekend more memorable.

If you Google the meaning of serendipity, it says "the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way." Indeed, a series of happy events unfolded since May, leading to this staycation in Discovery Suites. At that time, I was asked to share my #Momspiration story which was featured on their Facebook page. Weeks after, The Discovery Leisure Company (TDLCI) hosted a Bloggers' Appreciation Night for all the moms who participated in their simple yet inspiring Mother's Day campaign. Sadly, I was not able to make it that evening, but they still surprised me with a crate full of gifts, including an overnight stay at a one-bedroom Serendipity Suite with my family! I really wasn't expecting it. Siyempre, excited ang mga kids when I told them about it and was bugging me to schedule our stay already.

Discovery Suites is nestled in the bustling Ortigas Business District in Pasig City, strategically located amid shopping centers and corporate offices. "It's a preferred address of business and leisure travelers, as it balances the convenience of a spacious residence with the personal touches of a 4-star property." - Discoverysuites.com
I then decided to book our overnight stay last July 25. No event, no occasion whatsoever. School just started for us a few weeks earlier so we thought while the load is still light, we'll go for some rest and recreation, even if the hotel is just several minutes away from our home. Little did we know that there were more surprises in store for us.

When we checked in that afternoon, we were informed that our suite was upgraded to a two-bedroom suite! Woohoo! Now the kids will have their own beds in their own room, and I can rest easy.

When we entered the suite, a wonderful spread of sweet treats welcomed us, and a special greeting with our framed family picture by the desk. We were treated like VIPs and that definitely impressed us all.

For all hotel guests, the standard is a welcome fruit bowl which was also on the dining table. J and I attacked the chocolate fondue first. There's also a tray of chewy cookies that the kids can decorate with assorted toppings. Confession: my girl and I ate all the cookies, hahaha! 

All the Serendipity Suites are newly-renovated. The spacious Two-Bedroom Suite was perfect for the four of us at 105 sqm. with its bright, cozy, modern interiors. We can just stay there and do nothing the whole day! =)
  • Includes a master bedroom and second room with their own bathrooms
  • Living area with sofa set, cable TV, and entertainment system
  • Complete dining and kitchen facilities
  • Broadband internet access

The fully functioning open kitchen includes: a refrigerator, stove and oven, microwave, oven toaster, complete cooking and dining wares, and complimentary coffee, tea, and several bottles of water. 

Moving on to the rooms, we really love that we have our own room coz I usually share the bed with the kids when we stay in hotels, and J goes solo on the extra bed we request.

The master bedroom has a king-size bed, a writing desk, closet with in-room save, ironing set, robes and slippers, LCD TV with cable, and a spacious bathroom.

Another surprise for all of us was that each of our names were embroidered on our pillow cases! Love, love, love that special touch. Feeling superstar kami! =)  We got to take them home too!

Look at this sleek master toilet and bath, with it's separate shower and tub. It has all the basic toiletries, blow dryer, bidet, weighing scale, and lots of towels. We were all amused by the different towel art on the beds and in the bathroom.

Siyempre, the kids were envious of our bath tub, kasi they don't have one in their bathroom, heehee! Naturally, they took turns taking a bubble bath in this nice freestanding tub.

And here's the kids' room with twin beds. They also have their own bathroom, closet with robes and slippers, safety deposit box and cable television.

Did I mention the personalized pillow case? He jumped on the bed and got comfy as soon as he saw his name on it.

Wait, there's more...
Discovery Suites also offers this unique roving Pillow Concierge -- yup, pillows have its own concierge that goes door to door. We called the kids to see, touch, feel, and pick the type of pillows they like from the cart. I think they got too excited with this one and had a hard time choosing. I forgot the name of the concierge but he was so warm, courteous, and he really knows his pillows! =) This extra service guarantees guests a more comfortable sleep -- both kids and adults.

After the frenzy over the fluffy pillows, they were ready for a swim. By the way, in case some families may need some child care services, the hotel also offers butler/nanny service with a 24-hour advanced notice.

That Saturday afternoon, the indoor swimming pool was full. I think there was small group of kids having a swim party, I'm not sure. Since the pool area was small, it can get easily crowded. But a hotel stay will never be complete without a dip in the pool and the kids still enjoyed it, especially the girl.

This shot I took around noon of Sunday, before we checked out. Only one guest swimming. You can see the jacuzzi on the left, and a few lounge chairs on the other end. They could use more seating area by the pool side but there's a waiting area at the entrance from the side of the bar. Guests can enjoy complimentary water and coffee by the bar.

With their swim time cut short, the boy and girl checked out the Kiddie Romp Room which was also on the 5th floor where the pool is located.

I personally appreciate play rooms like this, ideal for guests with young kids. Aside from swimming, they still have another recreational area to play and have fun.

The Kiddie Romp Room has a spacious open play area with rubber mats, play house, and other play equipment. It also has two more rooms with various toys and game console.  The kids didn't want to leave! 

Discovery Suites is conveniently located across Podium mall and a short walk to El Pueblo. We decided we wanted to go out and tale a leisurely walk to a nearby restaurant. It was drizzling that night so we just borrowed the hotel umbrellas. After a quick dinner, we went back to our suite and the VIP surprises kept coming! 

I actually missed it the first time, but J already saw this plate of wet towels in the ref when we arrived. First time ever for us to have this kind of special service. It smelled of cucumber-lemon to me. So cool and fresh. Cold wet towels in the ref. I still could't get over it! We didn't know what to do with them but I used one and placed over my tired eyes. Ahhhh... lamig...sarap!

That evening, we felt really pampered. For turn down service and night cap, the hotel placed a pitcher of pineapple-cucumber shake in the ref, left DVDs and popcorn for a family movie night, more pillows and towel art in the bedrooms, AND a bouquet of flowers for me AND for my little girl!

Before leaving for dinner pala, the girl's tooth fell off. So, memorable night talaga! =)

Let me share that during that time, we didn't have helpers at home (it's been a month as of this writing) so this weekend staycation was also a welcome break from doing chores and preparing meals for the family. We got to relax and play with the kids without worrying about housekeeping, cooking, washing dishes.

It was a good, good night. Waking up was so hard when you have nothing to do but relax and be spoiled rotten. I wanted to sleep in until noon, hahaha... but we'll miss breakfast, so down we went to the fifth floor before 9am. 

The breakfast buffet was at Restaurant 5 and it was a full house that Sunday morning. I think it was the peak time for breakfast so everyone was busy filling up their plates all at the same time. I couldn't even take a decent photo of the food stations since there were always people getting food, blocking the way, and many of the trays were quickly wiped out. Hindi ko maabutan yung refill, that's how full and busy the restaurant was. And that's a good sign for the hotel, fully booked sila. Sad I was not able to take as much photos as I planned.

There were our usual favorites like eggs, sausages, assorted breads and cheeses. A choice of coffee and hot cocoa, plus fruit juices were also available. The kids don't eat much so happy na sila sa bacon and French toast.

This is the egg station, and beside it is where the fresh fruits were served. The buffet has a mix of Asian and western selection. I wished they offered more Chinese and Filipino breakfast fares, and I didn't see any pancakes.

Who can refuse bacon for breakfast? The staff were very friendly and accommodating. Seeing that I was not able to get more bacon, they sent us a plate straight from the kitchen na. And those croissants were my favorite of all because they were freshly baked, light and flakey and soft on the inside. They were being offered table to table. I was already happy with just bacon, butter and croissants. :)

After breakfast, we  just took it easy while the kids requested to play in the Kiddie Romp Room until check out time. We all felt like kings and queens over the weekend at Discover Suites. Having no helpers at home, this staycation recharged us and made us forget about our work and chores, at least for the weekend. Another thing I like about the hotel, which is also a serviced residence for long-staying guests, is the atrium in the middle of the building. It's very open and airy have greens all around.

When looking for a place to unwind, for families or for business in the Pasig area, Discovery Suites in Ortigas should be on the top of your list. The amenities and warm service will make you feel really welcome and at home. Until the end of our stay, one final surprise was a personalized cupcake for each member of the family as send-off gift. Thank you, Discovery Suites, for this warm VIP-level accommodations!

For bookings and inquiries, visit www.discoverysuites.com.

Discovery Suites Ortigas
25 ADB Ave. Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Philippines
Email: rsvn@discovery.com.ph

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