Flashback to My Most Popular Posts

You might be wondering why it's not Mom-Finds today. If you've been a loyal reader, you'd know that I have a theme for each Friday of every month, and that every last Friday of the month will be about a recent shopping find, or a newly-discovered product or service. Either I was just too busy to notice the calendar or I am really getting old and forgetful! This July pala has five Fridays, so dapat Freestyle Friday last week and today is the last Friday of the month!

Na-advance ko na yung Mom-Finds with the coloring books last Friday so I hope you can check it out. I honestly have not prepared anything today. Foodie Friday na nga ang akala ko, hahaha, and that will be for first Friday next week. Kagulo na! Anyhow, while I was checking on my posts and fixing some photos for upcoming features, I noticed my top post of all time is still the blueberry cheesecake. It's also on top of Google's search list for "no bake blueberry cheesecake". =) And that made me wonder what made it my number one blog post, ever? 

Here are some of my most popular posts to date, and they're mainly a mix of food and places of interests. Hope you still find them interesting and relevant!

Just click on the photo or link to see the full feature. Pang-flashback Friday na lang, heehee... =)

I have not made this for quite some time now, and looking at this makes me want to whip up a batch soon! If you check all the comments on this recipe post, you'll see that this is a real winner! Let me know if you tried it.

I've been asked numerous times what is a progressive school, what's the difference from other types of schools, why I sent my kid to one.  Well, I tried my best to explain it as objectively as I can in this blog post and I'm happy it helped a lot of my friends and readers understand better. Learn more about it here, and there's a link to the sequel too.

After my daughter turned 7 last January of 2014, the ice skating rink in Megamall just re-opened. It was huge and new and exciting, and many are lining up to try it out. I was still in college when the first ice skating rink opened. This time, I wrote about our whole new experience and what to expect there.

This was our first out-of-town field trip. The girl was not even part of the class but was allowed to tag along with the boy's prep school outing. When I featured this, there wasn't any other information about the zoo online, so there were so many inquiries about tours and fees, etc. I really felt like a booking agent for Zoocobia already! =)


This remains to be a classic recipe that only take minutes to cook. This fish started it all -- my desire to create easy-to-prepare meals for my family which I also love to share on the blog.  I enjoy eating, but I hate laborious preparations in the kitchen. You gotta try this simple, tasty, and healthy dish!

What makes a blog post highly searchable or read? One reason I can think of that is common among my top posts above is that they are all detailed and very informative. But what do you think? What will make you read and share a post?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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