First Art Exhibit of The Boy and The Girl

Two weekends ago, the TMA Summer Art Class had their exhibit at Galerie Stephanie as their culminating activity. The students all did amazingly well and the families went to support them. I have to say I am a very proud, thankful and happy mom to have a boy and a girl who are both artistically inclined. Drawing has been a hobby for them since they were preschoolers. After years of asking them to take art lessons, they finally did it together this summer.

It's actually my frustration to learn how to paint. I want them to learn too, so I can display their artwork at home. But through the years, they continue with their pencil drawings even if they were introduced to watercolor, oil pastels and markers. You can see some of their works with the hashtag I created for them: #ArtOfJandM. See how the boy's "teapot from a different dimension" project turned out below.

The girl took basic art classes two summers ago, while the boy never continued after a few trial classes. He got bored. Their recent summer art class with TMA, which will be credited to the boy's homeschool art subject, got them together for the first time, and was a promising step towards taking more art classes.  Check out the progress of their self-portraits above. =)

The kids were fortunate that they were taught by contemporary abstractionists, Camille Ver. With over 10 years of being a professional artist, she guided the kids on creating their own masterpieces, shared a bit of art history, and exposed them to different materials.

From the classroom to the gallery, it was a very enriching experience for my kids and myself (coz I'm the one bringing them to class every week, and sometimes, I stay in the room for the whole session). At the exhibit, all the kids' works were displayed, with their portraits professionally framed.

First was their name in art, followed by their self-portrait, then their interpretation of summer, and at the bottom is their perspective and rendition of the teapots. That's Camille standing beside M's works.

Each of them had four artworks that they can sell or keep. Teacher Camille pegged the prices at PhP500 each, except for the frame portrait which was priced at PhP750.

Of course, the kids had mixed feelings since they don't want to part with their "creations" daw, but were tempted at the prospects of earning from their work.

The boy used mainly primary colors for his art. His sister said he looks like an old man! Hahahaha! I think it's the glasses. =)

Can you still spot the dragon from his initial sketch? 

My girl uses all bright and sunny colors for her artworks. I was actually surprised she used pink for the background on the last one.  She said she's over pink already and wanted to try other colors. I guess she'll always love pink.

Here are the kids, checking out their classmates' works.

The exhibit showcased works from the younger kids too.

Before the end of the program, the boy "sold" his pieces to the grannies and the girl sold hers to daddy. Each of their sets were sold for a package price of PhP2,000. They were assured that their artwork will stay at home, so they took the tempting offer and bought a toy from their "profit" before we headed home, hahahaha! =)

All I can say is that the kids had a wonderful experience and wanted to attend more classes. I have no objections. =) 

Here they are with their certificates from the TMA class coordinator. Thanks, teacher Camille, for being patient with the makulit kids. =) You can view some of Camille's amazing works here in Galerie Stephanie's site. 

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