My Scott's MOMAZING Moments

It's still the month of May so I shall continue to celebrate motherhood with this special feature about one of my more memorable Mother's Day. This year, I was invited to be one of the guest moms at Scott's MOMAZING event to share some special moments I've had with my children. It's not everyday that I get interviewed by celebrity moms, and in a very public setting pa! =) So indulge me as I share my experience here.

What is Momazing?
"MOMAZING is that mix of pride, accomplishment, joy, relief and the confidence and reassurance of getting it right that every mom feels."

(Photo by Pam of Green Lunch Diaries)

Last May 9, I had the privilege of sharing the stage with my blogger friends and celebrity moms for the MOMAZING launch event held at SM Megamall. Thanks to Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles and Scott's Emulsion, we were able to share our momazing moments and experiences while finding encouragement from each other as well. Scott's also welcomed families over the weekend to enjoy all the free activities like balloon twisting, flipbook photo booth, face painting, and video booth where moms can capture, share, and inspire with their #Momazing moments.

My daughter has been a Scott's fan for two years now. She loves both flavors of Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles coz it's just like a yummy gummy candy. I love it too and it's so hard to stop myself from eating more than 2! 

She's 8 and takes 1 pastille every morning, but sometimes, I allow her another one at the end of the day when she requests for more. I know that vitamins and supplements are important to boost our children's development and overall wellness, and a delicious chewy vitamin like Scott's makes it a lot easier for us parents to give them their daily dose. This is the main reason why I agreed to be a part of this momazing event -- we love Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles. =)

Here I am with my friends Fleur and Mish, being interviewed by amazing moms Daphne Paez and Dimples Romana. Before the program started, we had an early call time for the briefing so we got to chat about our families and felt really comfortable with each other. Feeling close na kami, hehehehe... but seriously, these celebrity moms are just like us, who experience challenging, fun and proud moments with our children.

What made the event special was the sharing portion. Of course we can't help but get teary-eyed with all the touching stories.

Fleur is a working mom who is challenged to find a balance in her career and family life, especially by spending quality time with her unica hija. It was very important for her to be present and to be able to witness her daughter's milestones while she was growing up. When Anika reassures her that she's doing a good job, that's her momazing moment!

Mish is a full time homemaker and mom of four -- her youngest, Gelli, has down syndrome, and Mish shares that everyday, there's always a momazing moment with her little miss sunshine. Mish is also a staunch advocate for children with special needs and is an active member of cause-oriented organizations while managing a full household.

Celebrity hosts, Daphne OseƱa-Paez and Dimples Romana, with Fleur Sombrero, me, and Michelle Aventajado.

I also shared my magic moments with my two kids. I was a working mom when my son was born and he experienced some speech delay as a toddler. Learning sign language helped us in communicating with him and it felt really momazing when he started signing back to us and eventually, he learned more words and started talking. My girl is the opposite as she started talking early, at 15 months. I was already a stay-at-home-mom then. We had no expectations because of our experience with our son, so that milestone with her was momazing for me!

It's better if you watch this video with Fleur, Mish, and myself sharing our Momazing moments here: 
(Click photo to watch video on Scott's FB page.)

We all know that being a mother is hardest job in world. Magic moments can happen everyday, anytime, anywhere, and those are the little and big moments with our children that make us all feel MOMAZING!

With Scott's representatives (l-r) Randy Silva, Gikki Martija, Joyce Uong, hosts Daphne Osena-Paez and Dimples Romana,
Fleur, myself, and Mish

Thanks to our fellow SoMoms for your presence and support!

Moms, let's all capture, share, and inspire by posting some of our #MOMAZING moments with the kids! For more updates, follow Scott's on Facebook and tag #ScottsPh #Momazing on Instagram. =) 

Watch and share this touching video and feel #MOMAZING!

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