Mom-Finds: From Celestina to Ines

Last Friday of the month:  Shopping / Finds and Faves for Girls

This month's favorite finds are not summer-related.  It's all about the girl and her newest fashion pieces that she's quite fond of lately.  She loves anything "fancy and colorful". I don't know if that's typical of girls her age, but at 7, she is now more comfortable wearing dresses, partial to bright colors, likes wearing her low wedge shoes at home, and wearing bolder accessories.

Celestina & Co.
She has been very fascinated with the beauty of the peacock feather.  Whenever she finds peacock prints or faux feather accents, she wants to look and touch them.  One time, she even asked me to buy a scarf she spotted only because it has a beautiful peacock design on it.  Then we saw this gorgeous piece from Celestina & Co. on Instagram.  She wanted one for herself.

We clipped this "Pink Peacock Fascinator" on her plain black hairband, also from Celestina, since she prefers hairbands over pins and clips.  It looks and feels so regal, don't you agree? =)
 Pink Peacock Fascinator :  PhP 495

Ines Moda Infantil
The girl has been on the leggings+blouse phase for the longest time.  I was the one who grew tired of her "uniform". =) We don't shop often, but when we do, I try to swing her towards getting a nice dress, and I'm glad she's cooperative, heehee... On that note, when I learned that Ines Moda Infantil will be having a stall in a school bazaar near our area, I made sure to drop by - I bought one as gift and another one to bring home for the girl.

I scored this stylish "Scarlet" dress with a 50s vibe. It has a distinct neckline and box-pleated skirt, which I really love.  The surprise was this -- the high neck side is the front (think Jackie O. with her high-neck-A-line dresses) and the back is the one with the buttons. I actually got confused but the tag was on the buttoned side, so it's really the back.

"Front"                                              "Back"

Scarlet dress : PhP 985

The girl wore it in reverse and no one really noticed it's the "wrong" side! =)  She can wear it either way and it will still look très chic! Want this Scarlet dress? Send them a message here: www.facebook.com/inesmodainfantilph

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