Behind The Scenes: Mom-Friday with #SoMoms for Elin.ph

I am thrilled to bits! This is officially my first time to be a "model" for a women's clothing brand that I truly love and patronize.  I am giddy and honored to be among friends, my fellow SoMoms, doing this exciting project for Elin.

I remember it was around August or September last year, after a few exchanges with Elin on an Instagram post, that Chessy threw the idea of having the SoMoms model for Elin.  I did not, in my wildest dreams, expected this to materialize! And now, here we are. =)

What made this partnership sweeter for me was the fact that I was already a fan of And Apparel since late 2011, having bought several basic tops until it was rebranded to Elin, as featured here last year. Elin's fashion philosophy really fits my lifestyle as an on-the-go mom, and their simplicity appeals to my personal style. I could not be happier when I was tapped for this campaign.  We all are.
Photos from Elin.ph.  Read more about our introduction here:

Moving on to the photo shoot... here are some outtakes / behind-the-scenes during our casual morning pictorial.

It was an early call time last February 8, and we were all welcomed by the Elin team at their head office cum studio, with official photographer Camille King.  The sets of clothes were already pre-selected for us, as seen here on the rack.  We just brought the suggested footwear for each wardrobe assigned to us.
We all wore the Diane Dress in different colors.
Order yours here: Elin.ph - DIANE Dress

As we were having breakfast, we each took our turn on the hair and make-up chairs, under the magic hands of make-up artist and hair stylist tandem, Gex and Ivan.  I appreciate that they worked really fast and with amazing results!  I dread having to sit for an hour or so just to be made up.  It was a breeze with these two, and I am very happy with how they made me look that day.

Ivan Albino / @navialbino and Gex Garcia / @gexgarcia - See them on IG

Wonder mom and photographer, Camille, behind the cam

I am not in my element...hahahahaa! And I'm wearing a short dress! (Yes, that's already short for my standards, heehee.)  I am used to working behind the camera that's why I always feel awkward when posing for someone.  Thanks to Elin's Martina and Kathleen, and Camille for coaching me during my turn and making me feel comfortable.

Here I am with my second look for our group shot.  This is more me, don't you think so? =)

I can't wait to see the final layouts from our shoot. In the meantime, take a look at more BTS photos by Camille, shared by Elin.  We really had so much fun that day!  I will treasure the experience.

Get our looks here:  SoMom Looks in Elin

Liking what you see?  Click on the banner and start shopping now for your wardrobe essentials! 
Elin is also having a SALE!

THANK YOU SO MUCH ELIN for the trust and for making us a part of your latest campaign!
Looking forward to your new collections!

Watch out for more of our solos and group shots, plus the clothes in full color, in part 2 of my feature for Elin.ph coming up very soon.
(L-R) Kathleen and Martina, SoMoms Christine, Chesca, me, Jackie, Jen, and Jenny

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