The Boy is Turning 10

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The boy will turn 10 on Sunday.  He's my first-born, which also means I'd be celebrating 10 years of motherhood as well!  I can't help but wish for time to slow down so the kids won't grow up too fast!
Superbaby - his first birthday portrait

I can still vividly recall how happy and relieved we were to "see" the baby in my womb, heart beating, healthy body complete with all ten toes and then fingers, during an ultrasound.  And what a big smile J made when the sonologist announced we'll be having a boy.  He'll be the first grandson in the family and everyone's excited to welcome him.
2nd birthday portrait

My boy turned out to be a spirited young man, full of energy, intelligent, sensitive, awkward, creative, different, kind-hearted - a unique mix that makes him truly special.  An all-around goofy good boy with no mean bone in his body. =)
New Year's Eve 2011

November 2013

He can be very makulit at times but he's awfully sweet, which makes him so endearing.  I can say he's a caring brother too (most of the time, hehehe) but he won't hesitate to defend himself when the spunky little sister gets on his nerves. 
Pocket Ants cake for his 9th birthday last year

I read this quotation from the book "The Language of Parenting" which reflects how I feel now that my boy is at this stage where he is beginning to form his own character, showing more of his skills and personality, sharing his thoughts and feelings more openly.  I hope and pray that we'll be able to raise him to become a good, responsible, compassionate, and confident individual embracing his uniqueness to achieve "greatness".
"Children raised in such a way as to encourage natural creativity are children encouraged to be their own selves, to feel free not to fit in or not to live life only as others do.  They are brought up to understand that it is impossible to be just like everyone else and still have anything to offer.  They learn very early that conforming and adjusting to life are not worthwhile goals, and that it is all right to challenge established authority, to ask why, and to try new ways of doing things. 
Creative children are unafraid of their own greatness.  They are encouraged to think of themselves in ways which are never limiting.  They are not taught to believe in heroes or to make other people more significant than themselves.  Creativity and risking go hand in hand.  Children need to know from the very beginning that they have genius and greatness residing within them, and that they an choose to allow those qualities to flourish." -  Dr. Wayne W. Dryer

Here's the boy, playing the birthday song on the ipad two years ago.

Advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling boy!
We love you!

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