Enlight KiddieTab - A Child's First Digital Teacher

I am first to admit that I'm not a techie mom, nor am I a gadget geek.  Yes, I blog and I'm active on social media - but it doesn't mean I'm techie.  I'm not the type who'd seek to acquire the latest gadget whenever a new one comes out in the market and not one to encourage the kids either.  But this new gadget made me appreciate the benefits of tablets for kids.  Introducing Enlight KiddieTab, locally developed for young kids as a learning tool.

Last August 15, I attended an intimate presentation with fellow blogging moms about this latest innovation for children - Enlight KiddieTab.  I've accepted the fact that gadgets are now part of their recreational and learning tools, whether we like it or not.  Fact is, many iPad apps and games helped my children improve their reading and problem solving skills.

Like many parents, I still have fears and uncertainties when it comes to gadget use.
 Are we exposing them too early?
 Will they get addicted to the gadgets?
 How can we control the use?
 How will it affect their health?
 How long and how much is too much?

During the event, Dra. Angela Halili-Jao shed some light on some of our concerns:
“Media is not the enemy,” says Dra. Angela Halili-Jao, former head of child and adolescent psychiatry of the UP Manila College of Medicine-Philippine General Hospital. “Our children—and grandchildren—would benefit more if we viewed technology as an ally—an aid to learning and the acquisition and mastery of developmental skills.”
According to Dra. Jao, a number of studies in the past decade has shown that young children have benefitted from exposure to technology in educational settings. “They have shown greater gains in intelligence, structural knowledge, problem solving and language skills compared to those who do not use technology as they learn. 
Parents need no longer ask if technology should be used in learning.  It should.  The better question is:  How should technology be used to aid early learning?" She also encouraged parents to supervise their kids’ digital playtime. “They need to ensure that children also have time away from the computer to pick up social skills, explore creativity and survive without a gadget.”
Aside from assuring us moms that gadgets can be our allies, below are some practical tips that Dra. Jao shared.  We've been following the same guidelines at home so I'm glad we're on the right track with our own kids.

Aside from limiting the time and monitoring the use of gadgets, it's what the kids access and play online that are also critical.  As I mentioned earlier, I am not the one in charge of the gadgets and apps in this household.  But J and I agreed about certain parameters in what the kids can use, access, and play - like no violent apps, no buying without approval, studies and responsibilities should be accomplished first before playing with any gadget.

There are new apps being developed everyday and it's up to us parents to choose what are appropriate and educational for our children.   This area of concern has been addressed by KiddieTab since they've screened and selected the apps fit for young children.
Michal Cruz-Ladioray, a former teacher and now Head for Strategic Partnerships of Lifeware Technology, Inc., shared that more parents hand over their personal tablets to their children for gaming. 
“We saw this as an opportunity to encourage parents to introduce technology to their children not just for technology’s sake, but as a tool to improve or develop their kid’s learning. This is where we got the idea to set up Lifeware Technology, Inc. to focus exclusively on products and solutions for education, even for young kids.”

I was really impressed with the features of the Enlight KiddieTab and I think this is a perfect first tablet that parents should consider when deciding what to give to young kids:
  • The only tablet in the country with a Digital Learning Step-Ladder (see slide above)
  • Comes with time lock and parental control features to help parents supervise, manage and regulate the duration of use and content their children engage in
  • Dual Mode Feature
    • Kiddie Mode - Parental Control features, parents can choose apps
    • Parent Mode - can be used for Facebook, email, browser, etc.
  • Touchscreen android comes preloaded with over 100 apps, well-curated and organized according to a child’s developmental stage
    • Contents can help children count, read, learn the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication among others
  • It mirrors and supplements the traditional kinder to primary school curriculum - it grows with the kids, and can transition for older kids and more mature users just like any other tablet
  • Incorporates fun in learning
  • Ergonomically designed and easy to use for children ages 3 to 8 years old
  • Unit is durable and safe for a child's rough and tumble lifestyle - comes with a baby-safe, non-toxic silicone tablet guard (unisex yellow color)
  • Reasonably priced at PhP 8,999

Check out the dashboard of KiddieTab - various subjects and entertainment options to choose from. That storybook app is one of my girl's favorites. =)

We now live in the digital world.  Our kids are considered "digital natives" - born in this digital age.  As parents, we have to learn to adapt to the changes in technology and educate ourselves about the pros and cons of the tools, and even social media, that our kids are exposed to.  

While I'm still trying to learn, I trust my techie hubby J to lead the way.  As a former skeptic and late bloomer with gadgets, I was impressed with Enlight KiddieTab.  I can certainly recommend this as a first tablet for young kids since KiddieTab was designed and developed for enhancing children's learning and for parents' peace of mind.

What's your take on gadgets for kids?
Lifeware Technology reps Jed, and Michal, with Dra. Jao and SoMoms Chesca, Jackie, Patty, me, Jane, and Thammie

Learn more about Enlight KiddieTab:  www.kiddietab.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kiddietab
Now available in select Toy Kingdom stores nationwide.
The device is developed by Lifeware Technology Inc., makers of easy-to-use smart tools for electronic learning and teaching.

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