Fun Friday: Minecraft Meets Spongebob on the iPad

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There's no denying the strong presence of tablets and laptops in our kids' generation.  Most of our children, even toddlers, are more tech-savvy than their grannies! It's no different in my household, having a techie husband and (slightly) techie kids.  Apps are part of their language now, and they know what they need and want to use on their iPads.  

The boy has a flair for iPad games and gadgets.  If he only put the same amount of effort in his homework as he does searching and seriously studying online game tutorials, then maybe I don't have to tutor him anymore! I've already shared our views here about studying and video games.

Writing this post last night...
with the iPad game still running on his lap!

Moving on to our guest post - the boy has been using this iPad app more often lately, and he's been sending us screen shots via email.  The "artwork" are funny and generally amusing.  It's actually nice to receive an email from him among the usual clutter.  Without further ado, here's the boy, sharing his latest form of entertainment.  I'm also learning about it here. =)
He typed half of his blog post, the rest he dictated to me.

App: Catcrafter

This is my funny pic!
Spongebob and Minecraft. I used the App: Catcrafter.
Spongebob and Patrick are in the Goofy Goober party hut and have different faces.
Steve joins them with his spider jockey pal.  Steve is from Minecraft.

What is Catcrafter, I asked:

Catcrafter lets you customize pictures.  I used screen shots from Spongebob movie and put Minecraft stuff on it.

Funny pics 2. Same app: Catcrafter.
That's King Neptune and a spider from Minecraft, which is attacking him!
He's yelling and made everyone on fire but the spider.

Yelling sponge! And he spit out a fire block on that fish person.  And Squidward got surprised, that's why he looks like that!

My pet wolf on Minecraft.  The wolf was made from Catcrafter.

Join the new realms for Minecraft and explore your survival!


Okay... I didn't get what he meant with that closing statement, hahaha...

His "creations" looked kinda weird at first, but at least now I understand what he's been doing! =)
So, what apps have you or your kids/siblings been using lately?

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