My 3 Things: Kid-essentials

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My 3 Things for today is mainly for kids since it's back to school this month.  But these can be in any adult's bag too.  I'm running through my children's checklist of things to bring everyday, whether we're packing their bags for school or planning to go out with them.  We have these three essentials we don't leave home without:
  1. Aquazorb Towel - Pink towel for the girl, and blue one for the boy.  It's pretty obvious this set belongs to the girl. My sis-in-law gave my kids 2 sets of these hand towels - personalized with their names embroidered on the towel.  Comes in handy when my active twosome gets all sweaty as the towel is highly absorbent and soft on the skin.
  2. Giggles Baby Wipes - It's a must for parents like me to carry a pack of wet towels anywhere we go.  Convenient, disposable, all-around cleaning towel.  Ideal for wiping babies' and kids' bum.  We can't always be in proximity to a wash room when we're out, so just pull out some wipes and our hands are clean.  Perfect to wipe dirty surfaces and utensils when dining out too!
  3. Bobble Water Bottle - The most important of the three is a bottle of water.  This is self-explanatory.  I received this Bobble last summer and the girl immediately wanted it for herself.  It's a challenge to pull up the spout and sip from it but it's the perfect size for her, and uniquely fitted with a built-in water filter so I'm always assured of clean drinking water for my girl.
Do you have these in your bag too? What are your #my3things #kidsessentials?

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