Family Friday: Back-To-School Blues

Second Friday of the month:  Schooling / Parenting

The boy went back to school this week, while the girl still has a full week break.  I think I have more of the blues than my kids.  Did I mention I'm not a morning person? I'm also impatient as a tutor, and thinking of what food to pack for them stresses me out.

Half of me is happy that at least I'll be able to focus on what needs to be done at home while the kids are in school.  The other half dreads the daily routine:  early wake-up call, preparing baon, hours spent on the road taking and fetching the kids to and from school, reviewing lessons with them, etc.  And I'll be missing a lot of blogger events along the way too (boo-hoo)... not much fun for the busy mom with school kids.

The weather will be a surprise element in the next few months.  No thanks to rainy days like yesterday when traffic was hell for us who fetch the kids, especially when classes get suspended mid-day.  But it's all part of school life in the Philippines.  We have to live with it... with a smile. =)

On the lighter side, the girl will soon be wearing her first school uniform.  Her preschool did not have one so both of us are excited for her. =)  She'll be off to big school very soon and frankly, we don't know how the new environment and more challenging tasks will affect her.  We're hoping for the best. She's fierce.  I'm the one who's anxious!

The boy, on the other hand, is back to his regular after-school taekwondo class, twice weekly.  Although he wants to quit since last year, J and I insisted he continue with the program to improve on his form, to further build his strength and character, and instill more discipline in him with the master's guidance.  Let's see how long he can go on with this.

Every week, I look forward to Friday... you know it's my favorite day of the week.  More than that, Friday is the start of the weekend - I can sleep later that usual, wake up late on Saturday and Sunday, forget about what food to pack, a break from homework, and forget about school for the next two days (unless there's a test coming).

You know, I realized, whether it's back to school or it's summer break, I still get the blues, we all do.  They're just in different shades and intensities. =)

Have you been feeling the blues, moms and dads?

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