Mothering, Milestones, and Memories

I still have a hangover from Mother's Day.  One day is not enough.  

I was not able to relax and be queen for a day.  But I expected that.  We don't really celebrate it in a big way - just the traditional Sunday lunch at a family restaurant and then have food delivered for dinner.  At least I get a break from preparing our meals for the day.

With my mama and kids - November 2008
Still on Mother's Day... after watching a heart-warming video of a mother's day surprise, it got me thinking about how I am as a mom to the boy and the girl, and how my own mom influenced my mothering style.

I am fortunate to be a stay-at-home-mom.  It's by choice, and it was also a choice my mother made when my brother and I were little.  I think I was 11 when she went back to work.

My mother is the ultimate domestic diva in my eyes.
She's skilled and talented.  She's really good at cooking, baking, cleaning, sewing, dress-making, craft-making, even bargain shopping!  She's also a music and fashion lover.  She's religious.  She's hardworking.  She's selfless.

What I know now as a homemaker, I learned from her.  That, I would consider, is one of her best "pamana" to me when I started my own family.  But my cooking can never compare to hers... J can attest to that! Hihihi!

My mother is a fair and just mom.
She showed equal love and affection towards my brother and I.  Until now, I never felt any favoritism. When she brings me shopping with her, we always have something to bring home to my brother.  If I have a new Sanrio pencil, he also gets one - in blue, heehee.  That's what I am consciously doing with my two kids as well.  I want them to feel they are equally loved - and fairly punished too for their wrong-doings.

I remember her preparing and bringing my lunch to school, then braiding my hair during the break.  She also gave us apple-cut hair too, look at our pictures below! =)  I learned how to cut my kids' hair and do braids by watching her.

She's also sentimental.  
I see her keep mementos and special notes and projects we did in school.  She has kept our baby shoes, baby toys, jewelry, and many more "treasures" from our childhood.  She used to say, "alagaan niyo yan, pwede niyong pamana yan sa mga anak niyo..." (take care of that, so you can pass it on to your kids).  They are tangible pamana but the memories that those things carry are priceless.  She kept them for posterity.  I think that is one thing I got from her.  Did you see my Sanrio collection and Barbie dolls?

I guess we also like taking photos of our kids the same way.  Look what I found! Heehee...

I saw this post recently from Pinterest and it so accurately describes the mothering style of my mom! She's a disciplinarian and I appreciate that about her.  She commanded respect, and I'd like to believe I grew up to be a good and obedient daughter.  Sadly, I don't think this style is working with my kids though.

I treasure so many childhood memories with my mom, and I hope my kids will keep ours too, someday.  Being there during my children's formative years allowed me to experience and witness their developmental milestones - first words, first steps, first tooth (and the first tooth that fell), first day of school, and more.  I would not trade this experience for anything.

Motherhood is the toughest "job" and I am so thankful that I have a tough and nurturing mom who continues to inspire and guide me on my own journey.  This is dedicated to my mama.

I told you about the video I watched yesterday... well, here it is - Pamana Ni Nanay, Ceelin's Mother's Day Surprise! It's just a few minutes but it will surely tug your heart.  Bring out the tissue box! =)

What lessons did you learn, or fond memories do you have with your moms?
Share your #PamamaNiNanay story! =)

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