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As promised, I will be featuring my fellow SoMomsMy 3 Things here.  After sharing their three things, I found that we like and use the same stuff!  I guess it reflects our similar lifestyles and interests, being all moms and active on social media.  

Last time, I shared Jen's and Jenny's, and today, here are Jackie's and Fleur's #my3things.

Jackie's #my3things

Here's a photo of my 3 things.  These are the 3 gadgets that I use for blogging and doing my online activities such as shopping & sharing photos of myself, my family, and the things I find pretty and relevant. 

  1. Macbook laptop - It has been with me since 2010 and this also somehow "launched" my blogging mojo' coz I documented my purchase of it and shared it on my blog.  Although I like this, I'm thinking of selling it to buy a lighter one - perhaps a Macbook Air, one that I can bring along wherever I'm mobile.
  2. Canon G12 - I've always wanted an SLR camera, but the weight and bulkiness have always pulled me back from buying one. So, Mr. GJG and I decided to get this camera instead.  Somehow it's a point & shoot with DSLR features.
  3. iPhone - I'm an Instagram addict, and being online 24/7 has become part of my offline life.  Ironically crazy I know!
See more of Jackie's posts on Instagram: instagram.com/gojackiego

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Fleur's #my3things

Here are my three things that I absolutely need when I go to the beach.  Obvious ba na super ayaw ko sa sun!? LOL! It's because of the vitiligo on my face near my eyes.  Hindi siya pwedeng maarawan, dadami daw.  I don't like... kaya kulang na lang, takpan ko buong fez ko whenever we go swimming.

  1. Big hat from Apostrophe - I love this hat because aside from mukha akong donya while wearing this, it covers most of my face from the sun. Yun lang, I have to be careful while wearing this kasi naman talagang waley na ikaw makikita because it's too big lol. Nevertheless, it's perfect for me!
  2. Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunnies - This pair is my absolute favorite. Parang hindi siya na-lalaos di ba?
  3. Beach hut 75 SPF sunblock - This is the winner among the three items I need para hindi tuluyan maging egay sa beach. This is the sunblock with the highest SPF that I could find. I have to put this an hour before sumabak sa sun.
See more of Fleur's posts on Instagram: instagram.com/mommyfleur

Do you use any of the stuff they like?
Watch out for more interesting #my3things from the next batch of SoMoms

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To shoot and share photos of groups of things that I use together or consume regularly.  

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