Fun Friday: The Art of J & M

Third Friday of the month:  Hobby / Recreation

I have been chronicling some artworks of the boy and the girl through this blog and Instagram for the past year or so.  If you've been following me, you may have seen a few already -- like this Plants vs. Zombies feature when it was such a hit.  I actually made a blog for the kids so we can upload their projects there, but I failed to update it.

Yesterday, while I was editing the albums from my computer, iPad, and iPhone, I thought of organizing these snapshots.  Since the boy has been expressing his interest in social sharing, I have decided to create a profile for the boy and the girl on Instagram to share their own brand of art, and other forms of creative expressions.

Presenting the Art of J & M.

They have both showed their love for drawing, from paper and pencil, to apps from the iPad, from undistinguishable stick figures, to two dimensional renditions.  We've seen how they improved, even with no formal training.  I am really proud of them.  Not a day passes by that they don't draw.  You can imagine how many reams of paper they've used over the years!

With the advent of social media and social sharing, they volunteer their artwork to be photographed and posted on my IG... and even like tapping on the Like button if a photo from my feed catches their eye!

We'll keep on adding snapshots of their projects on IG as long as we can - and I'll let them write the captions too, whenever possible.

Show some love, follow Art of J & M on Instagram.  They get a kick out of counting their Likes! =)

This one below is not art, but more of creative writing for my boy.  Lately, he has been imagining future worlds, and one of those he shared with us via email.  

A narrative set in 2046:  In the future...

Both J and I found it really amazing, so I want to post it here as a remembrance.  I'll show this blog post to him again after a few months and maybe he can start writing a series with more discoveries and inter-galactic treasures!

Oh, to be a kid again...
Do you have kids?  What are their favorite pastime?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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