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When I launched My 3 Things on the blog, it also got me curious with the usual stuff my friends use, or consume.  We share images of things we see and like on social media, especially on Instagram, and it gives me a glimpse of their various interests and tastes.  We influence each other with the things we post online, and exchange thoughts and opinions too.  It's actually a lot of fun.  With that, I thought of asking my fellow Mommy Mundo SoMoms to share their own #my3things here on the blog.

Here are Jen's and Jenny's #my3things.

Jen's #my3things

The first time I laid eyes on the matte colors of Zoya and knew that they were chemmies-free, I was hooked.  But I was too cheap to buy them full price!  I was quite lucky because when I first heard of them, they were fairly new.  They had several flash sales (buy two take 1, free shipping, etc.).  I took this chance because it allowed me to buy without (too much) guilt.  I have over 20 (I think!) shades!  I have around 4-6 more on the way!!!

  1. Zoya nail polish -- because the formula is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor; doesn't stain my nails either!
  2. Zoya nail polish remover - works so well to remove nail polish
  3. Nail file - keeps my nails groomed
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Jenny's #my3things

It's already summer and we have a couple of beach trips lined up!  These are the three things that I make sure are in my beach or pool bag to ensure our health and safety during the hot summer months!

  1. Kor Water Bottle - I simply ask the resort to refill my water bottle. 
    • Cheaper - no need to buy bottled water
    • Eco-friendly - won't add to the plastic bottles littering our seas
    • Portable - hard durable plastic; no danger of breakage, plus BPA-free and very handy with a great drinking spout
  2. Mustela Protective Cream - excellent sunblock! It provides great coverage and prevents me from getting darker.  My kids also use this and is not harsh on their delicate skin.
  3. Canon D10 - waterproof, shockproof.  This camera has been with us for more than 5 years.  Bulky but very durable.  Recorded N's water videos from year 1 and is now being used to record E's videos.  Perfect to preserve our beach memories
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Do you use any of the stuff they like?
Watch out for more interesting #my3things from the next batch of SoMoms

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To shoot and share photos of groups of things that I use together or consume regularly.  

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On the blog, you'll learn more about each one, and know the story behind them.  I'll be sharing one photo at a time.  This is another window into the life Mom-Friday. =)

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