Family Friday: Midlife and Me

Second Friday of the month: Home Life / Me

Okaaayyy.... my mind is blank. 
I'll just type as thoughts flow through my head today.  Or is this a sign of memory loss? Hehe...  You see, tomorrow (March 9) I'll be 40.  There's really some weird feeling as I look at that number, LOL!!!  As my friends would say, what matters is how old (young) you feel despite the age.  Hence, I've psyched myself for the past decade that I am forever 28.  Walang ko-kontra (no objections, please)!  =)

I was born on a Friday, four decades ago.  So, today could very well be my birthday.  Remind me to update my 'WHO' page.

I am happy with my domesticated life.  But that doesn't mean I don't want more.  As I hit mid-life, priorities have changed, more goals, bigger dreams... for myself and for my family.  There are just so many things I need to assess and reflect on.  That's something I had to do in my quiet time, whenever I can find some.

You know, one thing I realized is that I developed this mentality of "so what, who cares".  I hate to admit it, but I got that line from an early episode of the Tyra Banks show.  It stuck with me.  But it does make sense, don't you agree? I used to be conscious about what others think and feel, and the desire to please, to go with the flow, the pressure to belong.  This time, with age (okay, that's acceptance right there), I learned to care less - not about the people, but more with the situation I get myself into.  It's not easy, but it's a good thing.  It helps me to be honest about myself, to simplify my life... and it actually feels liberating!  Of course, there will always be frustrations in between, but no room for regret.  I just have to accept things and learn to move forward.

I'm a scatter-brain right now, so I hope I'm still making sense at this point.  We don't even have definite plans for tomorrow yet!

Back to the blog... for almost four years now, this site has been a happy place for me.  If you've been following me since 2009, you may have noticed that I rarely talk about myself here.  That's just not me.  I am not comfortable spilling my guts out for public consumption.  I still want to maintain some level of anonymity (or mystery?) and privacy.  Okay...this gave me an idea just now. Continue reading after the horoscope.

Just for this post, I am giving everyone a chance to get to know me a little bit more, by doing a "20 Questions" type of game.  

How it works:
Anyone can ask me one (1) question, answerable only by a YES, a NO, or GUESS (for answers I'm not ready or not willing to share, again, for privacy reasons).  (",)

Ask me anything you like, from the serious to the mundane.  I just hope you are at least curious enough to participate, before enjoying the rest of your weekend.

Let's do this!

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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