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Freestyle Friday:  Food / Sweets

It's a lucky year 'coz my birthday month has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays!  And you know what 5 Fridays mean on this blog... (If you don't, well, go and click on that link above!).

We still have left-over goodies in the house -- like cookies, cakes, even ice cream cake!  Most of them were gifts for my birthday, and I'm so thankful! 

Freestyle Friday - no theme for today, so I thought, why not share with you (at least in pictures) what I had been snacking on over the past few weeks.  If you were following my Instagram posts, you might have seen some of these sinful sweets already.  But now, I want you to drool over them from here this time, heehee... 

The Cookie Cups
Soft, chewy, gooey, sweet, chunky chocolate chip cookie cups, oatmeal cookie cups, and red velvet cookie cups! Take your pick from an assortment of toppings like mini marshmallows, chocolate morsels, even Twix and Maltesers.

My girl's preschool teacher, Ivorie, is the baker behind these delightful little cups of heaven from Cookie Bar Manila. The girl obviously loved the caramel and peanut butter toppings.  I can't choose, I enjoyed them all. ;)  Get a dozen of these classic cookie cups for PhP350.

That's an oatmeal cookie cup on the left, and... JUMBO chocolate chip cookie... errr... cake, on the right!  Yes, that's a super chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake!

It's amazing how the cookie cake is still moist and chewy even with it's thickness, and eaten at room temperature.  That's 6 inches of giant cookie goodness, and sells for PhP450.  Slice and serve.  Warm it up a few seconds in the microwave and you can top with ice cream too!

For orders or inquiries, visit:  www.facebook.com/Cookiebarmanila

The White Oreo Cupcake
My co-parent, Ethel, is a busy mom of three and is a baker at heart.  When she has some time, she whips up some luscious cupcakes.  On the last day of school a week ago, she gave me these beautiful white cupcakes as a belated birthday treat as well.  These look like vanilla cupcakes but they are more milky white in color -- not yellowish.  Sorry, I can't share her secret.  ;)

This white cupcake is more dense than the usual, yet still moist, complimented by the creamy frosting.  It's a heavy cupcake with cookie bits inside, and the surprise Oreo cookie bottom - genius! She's not selling her cupcakes at the moment.  It'll let you know once she decides to take orders.  Her red velvet cupcakes can also give popular bakers out there a run for their money.

BAKED Cupcakes
These cupcakes are too pretty to eat.  I just had to close my eyes, take a bite, and enjoy.  Ericka, part of a trio behind the dessert shop Baked, sent over a box of their luscious cupcakes.  Again, the girl was ogling at the colorful swirls of frosting. 

My favorite is this light and fluffy Blueberry Twist which I devoured as soon as I saw the box... okay, I attacked after I took photos!  See that blueberry filling oozing out from the center?  Yummm...winner!  I had to give the last bite to my girl, plus the big cloud of frosting.

They also sent Black Forest with that cherry on top, and Loco For Coco.  I also enjoyed the Peanut Butter and Chocolate, that one up on the right.  It delivered that decadent combination which I really like, and it's not too sweet.  These babies are priced between PhP 48 - 65 each.
For orders or inquiries, visit: www.facebook.com/BakedPhilippines

Go ahead, indulge this weekend! What's your sinful sweet cravings?

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