My 3 Things: Spreads

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We are not big on breakfast, and I personally don't prepare a full spread for the family.  When I was in college until my early years of working, my mother served rice meals in the morning.  They're usually left-overs the night before or the regular breakfast fares of bacon, luncheon meat, or hot dog with rice!

After I got married, breakfast for us has been bread with a variety of spreads, with a warm cup of coffee or chocolate drink.  Oatmeal and eggs cooked in different ways are a staple too, but most days, we're good with sliced bread and our favorite spreads like peanut butter.

  1. Biscoff Spread - Lately, my girl and I have been sharing this jar.  This cookie butter craze hit us big time, and we're hooked!
  2. Peanut Butter - My boys still prefer peanut butter - Skippy here is gluten-free too.  
  3. Nutella - I, on the other hand, break the usual cycle with Nutella.

I tried my boy's all-time favorite breakfast and snack - Peanut Butter - Banana French Toast with Nutella and Biscoff, and they're equally delicious! Try it out!

What's your #my3things #breakfast?

To shoot and share photos of groups of things that I use together or consume regularly.  

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