My 3 Things


That's the hashtag I use when I post photos of random groups of stuff I regularly use, or consume.
My basic accessories.

I enjoy taking photos immensely - did I mention I'm a self-confessed pathological picture-taker and also an Instagram addict? =)  Whatever catches my fancy, I try to take a snapshot.  I love taking photos of food, articles of clothing, accessories, nature, and especially my kids.  However, since both are getting older, and my girl will be in big school soon, I am now trying to avoid sharing frontal shots of them to keep their privacy.  Since I'll be sharing less of my kids (particularly their faces) and myself here, might as well share more of the things around me, right?

Last month, I re-posted this photo below on my Facebook page when I decided to add My 3 Things as a new section in the blog.  This was my first #my3things post on Instagram last October.  I thought I was the first to use the #my3things hashtag, but discovered there were two other Igers who used the hashtag before me.  Anyway, I knew I wanted to post more of my 3 things.

How it all started:

It was a typical school day, and while in the car on my to fetch the boy, I usually apply my basic make-up
  1. Kate Mineral Powder Foundation
  2. Burt's Bees lip shimmer
  3. Lash Curler
On the spot, I took this shot and wrote:  3 things #FOTD everyday (for those not familiar, FOTD is "face of the day").  I then added the hashtag #my3things since I want to tag this and post more group shots on IG.
3 things #FOTD everyday

Second #my3things post with the usual colors you'll see me wear on a typical day:
  1. White top
  2. Blue jeans
  3. Vieta brown bag
That's me.  (OOTD is "outfit of the day")
My typical colors #OOTD

Third #my3things post last New Year's Eve:
  1. Vieta brown bag - bought on sale last October
  2. Braun Buffel - my 10-year-old wallet
  3. Longchamp - roomy red coin purse, a gift
May they always be full this 2013...

The top photo was my most recent #my3things post.
  1. Tag Heuer - watch was part of the engagement gift almost 11 years ago, and J has the men's size.
  2. Pearl studs - gift from my mother
  3. Wedding ring - my hand just feels different without it on my finger
I use them together almost every day since these accessories can go with anything I wear.

The objective is simple:
To shoot and share photos of groups of things that I use together or consume regularly.  

If you are following me on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook, you will see #my3things instantly. 

On the blog, you'll learn more about each one, and know the story behind them.  I'll be sharing one photo at a time.  This is another window into the life Mom-Friday. =)

Join me on Instagram and share your 3 things.  Don't forget to use the hashtag #my3things and tag @mymomfriday so I can see them too! :)

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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