Foodie Friday: Macarons and Cupcakes Overdose

First Friday of the month:  Food Find / Dessert / Snack

Over the holidays, I think I've been competing with the hubby in terms of who ate too much sweets between us.  If you can only see our mid section, you'll know we've had one too many to satiate our sweet cravings!

What I'm trying to say is... we ate too much! We had too many desserts, chocolates, cupcakes, macarons, to name a few, over a period of one month!  In my case, one culprit would be Bellefleur by Beatrix.  But who can resist these sinful sweets?

I'm a sucker for macarons, and I can finish these off in one sitting if I don't control myself.  My girl is actually competing with me on that department.  She gets to choose what color/flavor I should not eat and leave them for her to enjoy.  I'm now craving as I type!

What I look for in macarons are the crisp yet dense texture, chewiness, fragrant nuttiness from the almond flour, and the distinct flavor from both the cookie and the filling.  These I found in our favorites -- Lemon, Cappuccino, Salted Caramel, and Earl Grey.  The girl also liked the taste of Cherry Almond, aside from it's reddish pink color! Bellefleur has 12 flavors on offer -- check out the flavor guide here.  

We also received an abundance of cupcakes and other baked goodies from our friends, and I'm the only one eating most of them! Bellefleur also sent a tray of six cupcakes.  The Salted Caramel is a winner!  I especially love the pinch of sea salt that topped off this moist cupcake.

A surprise hit is this Lemon Meringue Cupcake that my girl loved, and even requested to be included on her birthday celebration next week!  It's light, sweet, lemon-y, and fluffy.  I was "ordered" to bring rainbow cupcakes for her classmates, and these lemon cupcakes for the adults.  There's your seal of approval.  Macarons and cupcakes -- a deadly and decadent combination!

For orders or inquiries, head over to Bellefleur By Beatrix on Facebook.

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