Foodie Friday: Our First Gingerbread House

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Christmas is always bountiful with food.  It's the season of giving, and many of us either prepare our specialties or order favorite delicacies as gifts to friends and loved ones.  This year became more memorable because we received our first ever gingerbread house -- in a box! =)

A house in a box?
Well, it was actually a kit.  A Gingerbread House Kit.

Before that house up top came to be, it arrived in a gift box with all these gingerbread cookie parts, a bag of royal icing, and candies, with special instructions (thanks to fellow SoMom Jenny, who gave this very early Christmas present for the kids).  I learned it was ordered from Sugar and Spice.  Honestly, I was more excited to assemble it than the kids since this is a first for us, hehehe!

One weeknight, the girl and I scheduled the house-making project.  The boy, on the other hand, only looked, touched, and smelled, and left all the fun to us girls.

Check out how we/I did it! :)))

After setting up the body of the house, we left it overnight to harden the "glue".  The next day, it was decorating time.

What I enjoyed the most was piping the icing to outline the walls, windows, and grooves on the roof.  In between decorating and icing walls and roof together, the girl was licking and piping out the sweet frosting on a spoon or directly in her mouth!  Good thing the royal icing is made with meringue powder (dry egg whites) instead of raw egg whites, so it's safe to eat.

She had fun making patterns with the colored candies and fruit loops.  Aside from the candies included in the box, the girl managed to find some leftover cereals and added them to the decor - like these chocolate cereals that line the edge of the roof of our gingerbread log cabin.

Adding the chimney proved more difficult.  Here, I poked toothpicks to hold the parts in place and for the red candy not to slide down the wall.

The gingerbread house is now ready... the Lego lady is waiting to enter by the door... :)))

...and also ready to be eaten! The roof disappeared first!

This was such a wonderful gift, with an activity that family members can enjoy doing together.  At least I got to take lots of pictures of our charming gingerbread log cabin before it was devoured! =)

For inquiries and orders, email: sugarandspicehouses@yahoo.com
They also offer Gingerbread Man decorating kits.

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