Fun Friday: My First SPArty

Third Friday of the month: Recreation / Party

Mirror, mirror, on the wall... okay, I'm not gonna ask that famous question.  This mirror here was just too pretty to ignore, so I took a photo during my first "sparty" with friends.

This spa party was a wonderful idea.  The pampering service was actually an advanced Christmas treat, thanks to Jen, so the rest of us took care of lunch.  It's not everyday that moms can get together just to unwind, share stories, and literally wine and dine.  We could not say no to good food, a foot spa and pedi!
* Thanks to Jenny for your comment -- the package also came with a blow-dry for our hair, which I forgot to mention, since it was only Paola who got her hair done, and wow, she looked great! =)

Our intimate "sparty" last Wednesday was held at Pink Me Up.  A perfect venue for small gatherings like ours.  The place can seat 10 people.  It's like a chic little French salon that's so inviting, relaxing, and just really pretty all around!
Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar

I'm gonna let my pictures do the "talking" now and see how we spent a few hours of precious down time, a.k.a. me-time.  I believe everyone deserves a break, especially moms.  And any form of pampering is always welcome!

If there are ladies who lunch, then here are the ladies who (foot) spa! =D

 What's your color?  A full tray of premium nail lacquer to choose from.

Elegantly-styled shelves and counter, which served as the setting for the buffet.
Food trays ordered from Urban Feast.

Lunch is served. Here's my plate. Round 1.

Savory-spicy pasta Penne al Telefono, and Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki

What's left of the delicious Eggplant Parmigiana, and Cheesy Risotto Balls with Marinara

Time for desserts.
Heavenly and addicting macarons from Alchemy, which I raved so much about in this post.

I hope they liked this no-bake blueberry cheesecake which I whipped up myself. :)

They're having cheesecake and I'm still on round 2 -- half my plate with main course, and half with macarons!

What's a party without the bubbly? Proseco to end the meal, perfect!

This "Christmas Sparty" was such a breather for all of us.  It was FUN! And I'm sure this won't be our last.  To all you ladies reading this, try to have a spa party with your girl friends too.  There are so many nail spas that can accommodate sparties like this.  You'll surely have a blast! 
Jen, Jenny, Rone, (seated) Neva, Paola, me, Kris, Eliza

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Have a relaxing, spa-ntastic weekend!

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