Family Friday: Babies No More

Second Friday of the month:  Parenthood / Kids

Growth spurt.  I think the boy and the girl are in this phase right now as I found myself shopping for more footwear and bottoms for them lately.  It's like their clothes and shoes are shrinking, when in fact, they are just growing up too fast!  Where have my babies gone?
After purging their closets of outgrown clothes and shoes, and with the girl counting the days 'til her 6th birthday this January, I finally accepted the fact that my children are babies no more. =(

I miss these cute stubby toes and chubby legs...

I miss the folds, the milky-sweet smell, and the wrinkles as they yawn...

I just miss their being small!

Small enough to carry comfortably in one arm, small enough to lift them up to my shoulders, small enough to play horsey, or even hang out on the window sill like they used to.

I found this video of the girl while organizing some files a few months back.  She was just one year and seven months old year here, but she's already so animated, talkative, and spunky.  I saved this on my Desktop so I can watch it and instantly sets me in a good mood.

The video lasted 2:45 min. but I clipped only the last 50 seconds just for you to get a glimpse of what makes me laugh and smile on my bad days.  Hope this makes you smile too! =)

"A present for you" - by The Girl, at 1.7 y.o.

The boy will turn 9 before the end of the month, while J and I will be celebrating our 10 years of marriage on the 30th.  How time flies! We are now parents to two not-so-little kids.

There are moments when I miss having a baby around... but I certainly don't miss the diaper changes and sleepless nights!  So, that's not happening, okay?! =)  Besides, I'm too old to be having another baby.  We are blessed enough, and we're so thankful to the Big Man up there.
Rare sweet moment... captured on Instagram

One major decision I never regret we made as a couple was for me to be a stay-at-home-mom.  Since the boy turned 2, my business partner and I mutually decided to close our small ad agency to be with our children during their formative years.  I've witnessed all their "firsts", their bumps and falls, and their triumphs in conquering fears and feeding their curiosities.  Next year, I will not have a pre-schooler anymore.  It's gonna be another phase, another adventure, another set of challenges for all of us.   But I will always cherish the special moments with my babies.  As I often tell them, they will always be my baby boy and baby girl, no matter how big they become.

I leave you with this heart-tugging poem, which made me choke a bit as I was typing.  This summed up my post for today.

Some Advice to New Parents
by Linda Ferree, The Language of Parenting
(from a Baby's Viewpoint)

"Out first year together will be fleeting.
There will be moments that become memories
to cherish in our minds, our hearts,
and our scrapbooks.
We will grasp at images
and hold them for only wisps of time.

I'll change so quickly.
You'll grow as much as I do, and in as many ways.
The trying, crying times are but moments, too.
They will pass and, in passing, will make memories
that are a wonderful to hold as I am now.

Trust yourself, for God chose you to be my parents,
knowing that you will love me, care for me, and know me
as no one else ever will."

I also got inspiration from these older posts of mine:
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Do you have big kids?  What do you miss most about their younger years?

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