I Want More Breton Shirts

It's not summer anymore but these striped tees are still hot as ever.  Since it's been raining on and off the past few months, I wanted to be reminded of those bright and cheery days with this old piece I have here.  Wearing this just puts me in a good mood.

Back story:
I was rummaging through my closet lately since there were parties lined up this month.  I realized I do have A LOT of outdated clothes.  One reason why I had this post on wardrobe too.  And then I remembered I had this Breton shirt post in the Drafts folder since after New Year!  I guess it's time to publish this now before 2013 arrives! LOL!

When I went window-shopping early January, I spotted a lot of striped tops, mostly in the colors of the American flag. I knew the nautical trend is back.  Well, to be more accurate, Breton shirts were back.  Lucky me, I snagged this classic piece from the organic cotton line of Zara.  It's now one of my favorites.  I also got the same style in plain white.  Now, I wonder if they still have more of these... I guess I better go back and check.

I've always liked nautical themed clothes. I think it's my mother's fault.  She used to dress me up in stripes, reds, whites, blues, sailor dresses, with white flat mary-janes or sandals.

Taken last Chinese New Year - worn with boot-leg jeans and yellow Headware

Cool and comfy at Hunt's Mom-Child Cook-Off

Breton shirt, a.k.a. Brittany's fisherman shirt, is a timeless French-style top with a basic streamlined cut. It's a wardrobe staple that you can dress up by layering, and still looks very cool on it's own for more casual days.


Of course, don't let me stop you from pairing the shirt with sexy minis and shorts. Maxi skirts would look great with it too! I'm just a pants girl at heart. =)

These looks will never go out of style, I tell you.  If you're like me who's constantly on-the-go - rushing to and from school, going on weekly grocery trips to running errands, to meeting up with friends and weekend malling, these ensemble would be perfect!

For me, I typically play it up with some punch of complementary colors, and still look very well put-together.  Classic.  If there's comfort food, this is comfort clothing. I wanna buy more! (And maybe a new pair of flats too, heehee!)

Do you like striped tees? How would you wear it? :)

(All style pegs/mood boards from Polyvore.com)

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