Mom-Grocer: Rediscovering Welch's Grape Juice

I buy a lot of different fruit juices for the family... and I mean a lot! You'll see them in a separate feature here soon.  Although I'm already a regular consumer of this brand I'm featuring today, I  had the pleasure of getting reacquainted with this family favorite several weeks ago.

Since we're heavy juice drinkers, I buy assorted brands and alternate them on a weekly basis. One of the products you'll find in our pantry is Welch's Grape Juice, in either the big 64 oz. (about PhP200+), or 24 oz. glass bottle (about PhP125) like that one up on the left.

A week after I bought a bottle, I got invited by Welch's to learn more about their heritage brand and have a better appreciation of this premium grape juice that we all grew up drinking.

Clip from the presentation by Welch's

Yes, you read that right -- a glass of Welch's already meets our daily Vitamin C requirement! Plus, it's all natural, no additives, no preservatives, and comes from 100% real fruit -- Concord grapes to be specific.

The key difference between Welch’s Purple Grape Juice and other grape and fruit juices:
  • Welch’s is made from whole Concord Grapes - not available outside of America
  • Have a unique taste, color, and natural sweetness
  • Contains a huge amount of natural polyphenols (plant nutrients and antioxidants) that provides lots of health benefits
Harvesting the grapes from the vast farm in Concord, Massachusetts, USA

It's distinct bold taste, deep purple color, and natural sweetness from the Concord grapes, only found in America, set the brand apart. That is why, when I think of grape juice, top-of-mind brand for me is always Welch's. 

In our Filipino-Chinese family, Welch's has been part of tradition too.  We've grown accustomed to giving, and receiving, Welch's big bottle to women who just gave birth. Why?
We know that grapes are loaded with vitamins, and it's juice is a natural tonic to give warmth and nutrients to the body -- which all new mothers need to help them recover from childbirth. Welch's is the only 100% grape juice, thus, the brand of choice.

More interesting facts and some Welch's history I learned from the presentation:
  • The Welch family first processed the first bottles of unfermented wine for use at church during communion
  • The National Cooperative Association, Inc. acquired the company from the Welch family in 1952
  • The grape growers are dedicated to producing and delivering premium-quality grape products through the years
  • Welch's was first brought here in the country in the 1940s by American soldiers during wartime
Have you drank Welch's grape juice lately?
Pour it over ice, or mixed with cold water, the way my family and I enjoy it.
Cheers to good health! =)
Single-serve 5.5oz Welch's over ice!
Welch's 100% Grape Juice is available at all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

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