Updating My Wardrobe with Basic Tops

If you get a peek at my closet, you'd surely be surprised that I only have very limited articles of clothing.  My wardrobe consists mainly of the staple denim jeans and comfy tops that allow me to go from school, to grocery, to casual dinners with friends -- many of which are older than my pre-schooler!

Before the new year, I purged my closet and gave away several of my old clothes, many still in very good condition. I just felt the need to update and add a few new pieces to my daily uniform.

Though I have a few stores I regularly go to, I found myself browsing through the collection of Catalogue63 since late last year.  This online shop is loaded with simple yet interesting tops that spoke to me (okay, maybe they shouted and got my full and complete attention!).

Screen cap from Catalogue63 website

Look what I got...
Basic and ultra comfy pieces in flattering silhouettes that's so me, especially this wide-necked blouse with dolman sleeves - my favorite piece!

I got the black one up top, and the blush colored cowl neck tee below, both in soft jersey fabric. I plan to wear this with my pearl chain belt cinched on hip.

Check out all four items I purchased in a span of 6 weeks! :p 
Screen cap from the website
I love the black blouson top so much that I also got the same style in orange...

...and another cool tee with extended sleeves, in light gray. Both pieces just arrived today!

Here I am now, blogging happily, feeling so accomplished with my fabulous (and super affordable) finds. Shopping was such a breeze at Catalogue63. Incidentally, all these are from the brand And Apparel.

Can you guess which one will I wear on my upcoming birthday?  :)

What I wore for my casual birthday dinner with family last March 9. Who guessed right? :)))
Orange Dolman Tee, blue Cache-cache pants , choker from Hand-made by Jann

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